Ultimate Truck Gear
and GMTruckClub.com
have teamed up to give away a set of
Rocker Pods!

Rocker Pod Giveaway!
It's time to do another GMTruckClub.com giveaway. We're teaming up with Pete (Doberman) from Ultimate Truck Gear to give away a set of Rocker Pods!

Quick Rocker Pod Giveaway Facts:

Not a random contest. This is not a contest per-sey, it's a giveaway to bring together one GMTruckClub.com member and Ultimate Truck gear. Ultimate Truck Gear is looking for a full-sized Chevy Truck owner who wants a free set of Rocker Pods that will have them installed, take photos, do a write-up and give an honest opinion.

Vehicles Eligible. Any full-size GM product. Silverado, Sierra, Suburban, Yukon, Tahoe, Avalanche and Hummer H2 or H3.

Responsibilities. The truck owner will get a free set (product and shipping) in exchange for letting his/her Full-Sized GM truck be showcased. Whoever gets these must install them or have them installed (you must pay for installation charges if you have them installed) and be willing to take photos and do a product review. If you have visions of never installing these and just selling them on eBay, then this event is not for you.

How to enter. You can officially "enter" by sending a Private Message on GMTruckClub.com to Doberman. You can also reply to this message on GMTruckClub.com. You must 1) describe your truck, 2) any modifications that you have, 3) what you like about the Rocker Pod concept and when you can have them installed. Please send a photo of your truck!

Dates: This campaign starts now and ends on April 1, 2009. -- Dates may change!

Qualifications. Only members on GMTruckClub.com who have posted at least 25 messages and those who have a photo album on the site are elligible! You must have a photo of your truck in your GMTruckClub.com users photo album.

Other rules. These rules can change at any time, without notice, please check back often.

WEBSITE: www.ultimatetruckgear.com