I bought a 87 burb a year or so ago. I'm not mechanical inclined, but because these trucks are older and no frills I thought it easier to maintain than something with tons of electronics and computers in it. My main concern at the moment is the brakes. They have been "upgraded" to disc at all wheels. The braking is soft and the pedal is spongie. A mechanic friend of mine said the stock brake booster is not sending enough pressure to the rear discs and most of the stopping comes from the front brakes. I've been searching the net for the proper parts, but I'm not certain what actually fits or if any modification needs to be done to make something work properly. Somebody on a different forum i read said a vacuum pump corrected an issue with a 69 cougar he had. Do I need to go that route to solve my problem? Does anyone here have any experience and done this project themselves?