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    Default Used my G80 to Pull Out a Crackhead, Got a Booby Flash!!!

    Gave my G80 a good test today.

    So, we got some snow/ice last night around here and people in Memphis have a hard enough time driving on dry roads, much less snow/ice.
    Well, I actually made it all the way to work this AM without seeing one accident (last time it did this I saw 12 about 10 miles of each other.)

    I knew it was too good to be true and when I got off this afternoon, not a mile from work, there was a ford taurus in the ditch with one guy driving and another guy and a girl pushing from the back trying to get it out before the cops show. (but I didn't know that 'till after)

    I stopped and one of the guys took my tow strap and looped it around the frame of the car. Where I had to pull from I had one tire on the pavement and one tire in the snow/ice. The G80 worked great and I pulled it out easily with very little to no spin. but then the crackhead swerved to the left to try to pull into a drive across the road with the strap still attached to his frame. Luckily there was no traffic coming and the one coherent guy that was with him stopped him and tried to get him to pull over to the side. Well he stops in the middle of the road.

    I jumped out and didn't say a word, just grabbed my strap which the coherent guy had already unhooked. The crackhead was just jumping around, so excited that I had gotten them out of the ditch and kept wanting to shake my hand saying "I know you voted for Obama. I said, "Actually I didn't!"

    I look over because the crack ho that is with him is asking for my phone number and she is flashing her boobs at me. Told her "Sorry, I'm married." She says,"Ohh, and he's so fine too"

    I just threw the strap in my truck saying "we need to get off the road before we get hit" and I left sideways.

    Cliffs Notes:
    1. Crackhead hits ditch and has his ho pushin'
    2. I stop to help
    3. G80 works great with one tire on road, one on ice
    4. Crackhead asks if I voted for Obama while his ho flashes her boobs and asks for my number.
    5. I use the G80 again to peel out sideways getting away quickly before I catch something
    1999 Sierra ECSB, 5.3L, 3.42 Locking Rear, True Flow Filter, Dynomax Super Turbo, Lund Genesis Tri-Fold, Bully Tailgate Lock

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    Sounds like good times.
    Trevor - Huntington Beach, CA
    2007 GMC 2500 4X4

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlperry68 View Post
    Sounds like good times.
    Only in Memphis man.

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    Always feels good to help out that way - use the truck's testosterone! Good story, and great idea with the Cliffs Notes! lol

    "The Sarge"
    1999 Chevy Suburban LT- K2500
    7.4 454 Vortec, 4WD
    305/70/16 on Eagle Alloy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Springthing View Post
    Always feels good to help out that way - use the truck's testosterone! Good story, and great idea with the Cliffs Notes! lol
    I was really impressed with how easy my 2wd pulled it up out of the ditch, especially with one wheel on the ice. The back bumper of the car was on the ground.

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    LOL, crack head boobies!


    '94 Chevy Suburban K1500
    3" exhaust w/ aero turbine non-baffled muffler
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    CB w/ 44" whip antenna

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    Great story Cliff!
    Washington State
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    Last time I helped somebody on the highway, the guy had stalled out his car on the side of Rt 81 in the mountains of Pa. I stopped and he told me that he had run down his battery trying to start his car. I could not get my jumpers over to him the way we were parked on the shoulder so I yanked my battery and carried over to his car. Once I got his car started, he thanked me for giving him a battery. I had to explain to him, that only let him jump his car from my battery and that I did NOT give it to him...
    I have no convictions ... I blow with the wind, and the prevailing wind happens to be from Vichy

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    Boobies and batteries, now those were two great stories thanks for sharing!
    2004 Chevy Colorado
    LS1 5.7 swap/TBSS rear axle swap

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