hey i am sam. i am only 17 and i wud like to get a regular cab truck and want to lower and maybe do a cadi front end conversion. but i need some info.

i am looking for a

2003-2006 silverado or seirra.

i want the single cab.

i would like a a manuel v6 or v8 auto....

i looked everywhere and cant really find real life gas mileage averages for the single cab.


this site says that the v6 manuel and the v8 make about the same.... i dont care about towing....

but i want good gas mileage.... but if i sacrifise 1 mile for the v8 model which comes with power

windows then I will do that. but i cant afford getting like 12 miles..

so if you please post your truck and engine and mods and what gas mileage you get if you got the

regular cab only please.

or if you know some mods for saving gas please post. i have a CAI on my car and that gets a little

better gas, but on some cars i hear that is actually gets less gas. same with some exhaust.

thanks in advanced....