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    Default Lifetime Fitness Review

    Ok, this isn't a car-related thing, it's about Lifetime Fitness, the mega-gym corporation place.

    We did a walk-through to join one of the local clubs and it looked great. The monthly dues were pretty straightforward, and I was told there was no additional charges or fees, they were being waved. Cool!

    So I go back in tonight (a week later) after cancelling my other gym membership and they were like ... "no, sorry there is no activation fee, but you have to pay an $85 administrative fee!" I was like, "WHAAAAAAA?" I wasn't told about that, and they didn't write that on the back of the card that I took with me.

    Anyhow, I got a little bit upset and politly said that I wasn't interested anymore. I mean, $85 is $85 and it was probably just an oversight on the person who gave us the tour. Overall they were low pressure and all the club is nice, but I just had to pull back and make certain that I wasn't being sold a bill of goods with more fees around the corner.

    Anyhow, anyone else deal with Lifetime Fitness? If so, how do you like it? Was this just a miscommunication or is it a sign of things to come?

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    never dealt with them but i do with SNAP FITNESS and it is great, they DID waive all fees and no administrative fees so it was straight up join and pay my monthly bill!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vncj96 View Post
    never dealt with them but i do with SNAP FITNESS and it is great, they DID waive all fees and no administrative fees so it was straight up join and pay my monthly bill!
    What is an Admin Fee??

    I have been to Sound Fitness.. its nice... i think its a local thing however..

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    I've never heard of any of the above gyms.

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    Default is a mega-gym place. The one they built near me is 225,000 square feet. They have two indoor pools, a huge outdoor pool with some pretty cool trick slides, hundreds of cardio things, an indoor artifical turf pad, etc. Very cool place, but I'm just concerned by this. Maybe just a small deal, I'm not sure. .... just don't like to be told one thing and then there is always something elsethat pops up as a "fee" ... call it what you want, it's money out of my pocket.

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    When I lived in Metro Detroit, I was a member of the Y (YMCA) in Royal Oak....I miss that Y. That place ROCKED! On every exercise machine (not cardio) they had a small 3 or 4" monitor type device hooked to it. It basically kept track of your many reps and sets you need to do...and the best part was that it showed your extensions. If you weren't doing full extensions, it'd beep at you and basically tell you to correct it. If you were going to fast, it'd beep at you, too. Basically you had a trainer with you everytime you worked out, just computerized. When you joined the Y, you got a free session with a trainer there. He/She would work with you to customize your workout and he'd basically come up with a plan. I've never seen a gym quite like that...but I wish more were electronic like that. It was so helpful.

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    I'm with the YMCA right now, they're 1/2 the price, but I have a hard time getting there before they close at 10:00 ... which really is 9:45 because you need to be done and cooled down before you head out into the cold. That's the benefit of the 24 hour club, but it's just SOOO expensive, I guess for all we get it's worth it, I'll let everyone know. Not going to dig that $50 "administration" fee, which is just a gouge that goes into their pockets, but that's ok it's their club, they can charge whatever they feel like.

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    We signed up with Lifetime Fitness and paid the fee, then they gave us a bunch of cash back to use for services, so it was a wash.

    I like it so far, the wife and I went to workout. I am going to love having a gym with a Sauna again! haha, I love it at 140 F on these long cold winter days!

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