Hello all. I have a 02 Silverado 5.3L that has a terrible time starting in cold to freezing weather. On very cold nights the battery will drain almost completely with all accessories unplugged. I will jump the truck and it still may take up to 3-4 times cranking to get it to turn over. When it does, it stumbles and I need to give it gas to keep it going. Once I am going 1 of 2 things happen until the truck gets warm. 1: At a stop light the voltmeter drops below 10V and the engine stalls. OR 2: The engine idles very high especially in gear and makes it hard to stop because its pulling. I have replaced the battery and the altenator and still have these problems. I am assuming that I have a drain somewhere causing the battery to drain overnight but this does not explain the other problems. Sorry so long... any help is appreciated. Thanks!