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    so first 2strokes and now little i guess its a 250 cc thumper for the boys

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    I hope Daisy BB guns don't have lead in them!!!
    Trevor - Huntington Beach, CA
    2007 GMC 2500 4X4

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    stupid liberals think they know what's best
    2006 Silverado Z71 - 97,000 - totaled, RIP
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    1966 C10 swb stepside (Gen I 350, Turbo 400 trans, dual cyl power brakes, front discs)
    I'll keep my money, guns, and freedom. You keep the Change.

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    Dont blame the liberals a 100%, who voted for them, didnt vote them out of office, or simply didnt vote at all.
    Legislation like this is passed because we the voters dont show our representatives how we feel about the decisions they make that impact our lives.
    How do we show them? Vote them out of office.
    Americans have short memory spans, we usually vote for what politicians say they'll give us, we very rarely review what they've done for (or to) us over the previous term.
    Time to start reviewing your representatives track record before you blindly cast your vote to keep him around.
    I am agreed this sucks, I just bought a new Honda 50 dirtbike for my granddaughter, I probably would've rethought that purchase had the shop mentioned this little issue.
    I''ll be going down to have a little talk with them in the very near future.

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    yeah All I am finding on the subject is a ban on the smaller cycles and ATV's because of lead in the products not a ban on them being made again ever. it's just because of the amounts of lead in the machines nothing more.

    but don't take my word for it read the articles below or research it out yourself. or any other search engine will show you the same thing. (I always start with with things like this) This was all started by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and only because of lead, nothing more.

    Salt Lake Tribune

    by the way, something else to think about.... where were all these lead paint bans when we were kids??? we all turned out alright didn't we? lol

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    You know something, i dont recall such crap about lead growing up and i turned out just fine. It all boils down to this is yet another step for our government taking control over our lives. Anyone whom even thinks that our government gives 2 cents about us is delusional. Just yesterday i read the EPA is going to start limits on carbon dioxide production. This includes about 78% of all cars and trucks in America and about 97% of all off road vehicles. At first they intend to implement an extreme tax increase on all registrations for all vehicles that they deem produce to much carbon dioxide in an attempt to make you get rid of it. In the long run there intent is to ban them. So ya this is just the first step, watch out our future is going to get grizzly.
    94 sub 6inch lift 34inch bfg mt. massive rework project soon. the audio system hit 150.3db so now its time to rebuild and try for 155db. mudpuppy is also getting a new engine, rebuilt ifs, dual 500amp 15.1vdc alts, 5 5,000amp batts, ant the combined wattage with the new system should be close to 15,000watts. this is going to be a wild ride boy and girls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highmilageklr View Post
    They are already banned, as of Feb. 10 2009. I can not get a throttle for my KLR 650 because it interchanges with a KX 65.
    If you take the bike to a dealer I'm sure they'd fit the part - it's not a banned type and they get paid for the fitting. I sitting here in the UK with my Honda Africa Twin wondering whether the same madness will spread over here. The OEMs' lawyers have probably taken the view that customers cannot be trusted with the responsibility for how they use their interchangeable spare parts. Isn't it silly that draconian legislation leads to even more silliness to avoid potential litigation and likely to take commercial advantage of the situation? I haven't read the Act (what do you call it in the US?) but I am surprised that lead in the alloy would be a problem. Lead is a cumulative poison that you need contact with to be harmed - licking, breathing, eating, etc. If my kids are licking the engine casing maybe they shouldn't be on a bike yet. Are they saying that the engines are giving off noxious lead laden fumes? Sealed lead batteries shouldn't be a problem for anyone now. The issue, if any, would more likely be exposure during the manufacturing process and for future generations as contaminants leach out of dump sites or bypass extraction systems when recycled. We'll all be effected by that. Oops! Is that an argument for banning all lead cell batteries?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlperry68 View Post
    This is too bad, I hope it doesn't go through. I haven't heard of a kid getting hurt by the lead in the battery terminals.
    No kids have yet but I was hungry for a snack the other day and it tasted pretty good. Of course I used some mustard to spice it up alittle. Every time there is a little concerm over what Johnny or Mary may get into this government makes feel good laws. Its enough!!!!!!!!!! Time to get the people to rebel against TOO many rediculous laws by feelgooders.

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    It just goes to show that it only takes a few bad apples to make everyone else's fun to go out the window

    I have been riding from a very early age...

    I currently ride a KTM 300

    and someday I would have liked to have my son riding at a early age.

    something I got to experience and have loved but something I will never get to pass down

    = government wussies

    just because they don't ride they want to ban it for the rest

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    Change ?????????????????????????????
    Tom in Kingman AZ

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