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    Hi All. I had this problem cured by the dealer last December and it hasn't re-appeared. Since all I was able to do is read the code but not trouble shoot the problem I had to take it to a dealer in the end. I replaced the part specified in the code however this did not cure the code and it kept re-setting the same code. Unfortunatly when I took the vehicle to the dealer it was like Cristmas eve and I was unable to get an explanation as to why a diferent part (the tank pressure switch) cured this particular code. What is confusing to me is there is a code for the tank preasure switch however this code never set. I can understand anybody having frustration with this problem. I wish I had the dealer inside info on what was really wrong with mine as this probably could help somebody. Thanks for the help. Rick.....

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    I thought I would bump this thread up a little bit. Very good conversation going on here with lots of good data.

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    This continues to be one of the most popular threads on the site! How about a +1 if you liked this thread and got something out of it?

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    thanks man !!!!!!!!!!

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    I have 2001 2500hd w/ P0446 showing. Only the second thing to ever go wrong with my truck. Gonna try this on my truck. Thanks

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    I also have this code (P0446) and will try to blow the filter out. This is the only code so far to have ever popped up (knock on wood)...

    2005 Z71

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    I had this code with my truck. It got so bad that I was having a difficult time pumping gas, it would go 50 cents, kick off, another 50 cents, kick off... I tried cleaning out the "bucket" and the hose with no luck. I ended up getting the replacement part for $70 and doing the fix myself. Easy install, so if anyone has any questions let me know.
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    Hey, I came across this thread and it is full of useful information. I too have the error code p04406, and am trying to fix it on my own to avoid the dealer. I was able to locate what I think is the valve I'm after. I located the charcoal canister on the rear of the fuel tank, and There was a solenoid attached to the side of it. Is this what I need to clean and or replace for my vent valve to be able to operate properly, or do I need to trace that heater hose vent line farther up to find what I'm supposed to be looking for? - This is the solenoid that was attached to the side of the canister, is this what I need to blow out with an air hose? - This is what the connection end of the heater hose that comes from this solenoid looks like. Do I need to trace this farther up to find what I'm looking for?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have o7 nnbs pu
    pic of back of gas tank
    I think it was $90 for the new solenoid

    what truck do you have.
    take a pic with the solenoid on the truck.
    the filter is on the other in of the hose
    try you tube
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