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    Default Chevy Colorado, Chevy Parts

    hi everyone. this is my first posting and hopefully my last as a chevy coloroda owner.I had my truck now for three years(2004) and leased new.
    Black crew Z71 4x4 and its loaded -- leather,onstar,cd changer and cost me 680.00 a month.I had it since may2004 and let me tell you F**k!
    Here's a list of problems
    5 abs hub/sensor replaced
    3 cam shaft acuaters?
    window and regulator
    rear axel seals
    three doors rusting around windows with paint peeling
    valves @ 20000 Km
    Tires @15000km
    heater motor twice
    heated leather seats 3 times nonfunctional
    driver side signal light assembly and it still eat light by arching between light and socket
    steering assembly on order
    Never reach 400 km per tank yet!(75liter tank)
    now keep in mind that this truck has only 54000 kilometers(not miles) on january5/07 never has worked a day in its life and never off road.nothing GM will do about it (i might still have to deal with this pile of crap for another year)if your considering DON'T.

    just my two cents worth

    Colorado Auto Parts
    Gm Parts

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    Default RE: pile o crap Colorado

    dang,sorry to hear about all the problems your having with the z-71.seems like gm ought to buy
    it back under the lemon law act.jay

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    Default RE: pile o crap Colorado

    we don't really have so called lemon laws here in Canada but I will unfortunatly have to try to go through gm arbitration. pisses me off that you could go and spend good money on something like this and get treated like a second class citizen.GM DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR WELLBEING OR YOUR SAFETY THE ALLMIGHTY DOLLAR RULE HERE.

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    Default RE: pile o crap Colorado

    I'm told by the dealer that they sold many collys and i'm the only one with problems.
    I cant believe this to be true.

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    Default RE: pile o crap Colorado

    Anyone out there that has had problem with this year of colorado and had it resolved through GM i sure would like to here from you even if it's just a post here. I want to show my dealer that this ****ing problem is not isolated.

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    Default RE: pile o crap Colorado

    First where was it made?

    Canada or Mexico?

    It is hard to believe you had that many problems and still have the truck.

    If you want to check on recalls and problems with this truck try here.

    Technology is great, when it Works,
    And one Big Pain in the Ass When it Doesnít.
    Detroit Iron Rules, All the Rest are Just Toys.
    94 GMC Burban, 5.7L (350), 4X4, Auto
    86 GMC Burban, 350, 2 WD, Auto
    79 GMC pickup plow truck, 400, Full time 4X4, Auto
    86 Pontiac Fiero SE, 2.8L, Auto, only mid engine American car
    See a Pattern yet?

    15 year GM assembly line worker.

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    Default RE: pile o crap Colorado

    I just had that recall done on my truck.never really had a problem with the brake lights through!
    And i have all the work orders that were for this truck and all the problems that i've endured. it is really rediculus that gm would put me through all this. originally i told them that i would be happy with a reliable vehicle but now with all the crap that i will have to go through I hope general motors does not expect that they will retain this customer.

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    Default RE: pile o crap Colorado

    That isnít just a recall place they have other things you can look up.

    Defect investigations.

    Service bulletins.


    Just check it out.

    It could add just the fuel for the fire you are looking for.

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    Default RE: pile o crap Colorado

    not really sure where it was built but according to recent carfax report it was built in usa

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    Default RE: pile o crap Colorado

    Open the drivers door, on the side of the drivers door, where the latch is you will see a sticker that tells you where it was made. It's right at eye level.

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