We just purchased a 1995 Suburban (the rare 2WD variety) today, and we have the same issue with the center console instead of a seat. We had the option of the one we bought for $2900, which had zero mechanical issues (as confirmed by my brother, a mechanic who specializes in GMs), and was the single cleanest used car I had ever seen, but had only 8 seats, or a 1998 with 50,000 more miles (it was used by a shuttle company who kept very good records) with a list of 3 or 4 $1000 repairs, but would only cost us $2000. Not a hard decision for the money and quality, but we were sad to not get the front middle seat. My daughter LOVES riding up front with daddy!

Anyway, I'm going to the pick-and-pull tomorrow to find a center seat or 60/40 split bench. I believe I can use up to a 1999, is that correct? Is 1995 the first compatible year? I'm hoping someone knows.

Also, we bought this to move our family from Utah to South Carolina. Does anyone need me to pick up a center seat for their 'burban? We can deliver anywhere along I-70 for the price of lunch that day. You'll need to let me know IMMEDIATELY so I can look for yours in the next day or two when I try to find mine. email japanesebikes at gmail dot com.

Glad I found this forum. I have lots of questions for other upgrades I want to make.


- Jon