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    We just purchased a 1995 Suburban (the rare 2WD variety) today, and we have the same issue with the center console instead of a seat. We had the option of the one we bought for $2900, which had zero mechanical issues (as confirmed by my brother, a mechanic who specializes in GMs), and was the single cleanest used car I had ever seen, but had only 8 seats, or a 1998 with 50,000 more miles (it was used by a shuttle company who kept very good records) with a list of 3 or 4 $1000 repairs, but would only cost us $2000. Not a hard decision for the money and quality, but we were sad to not get the front middle seat. My daughter LOVES riding up front with daddy!

    Anyway, I'm going to the pick-and-pull tomorrow to find a center seat or 60/40 split bench. I believe I can use up to a 1999, is that correct? Is 1995 the first compatible year? I'm hoping someone knows.

    Also, we bought this to move our family from Utah to South Carolina. Does anyone need me to pick up a center seat for their 'burban? We can deliver anywhere along I-70 for the price of lunch that day. You'll need to let me know IMMEDIATELY so I can look for yours in the next day or two when I try to find mine. email japanesebikes at gmail dot com.

    Glad I found this forum. I have lots of questions for other upgrades I want to make.


    - Jon

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    I believe you can bolt up a 60/40 seat to yours. I saw one on ebay awhile ago.

    As an aftermarket option you can get this seat.

    Still haven't pulled my seats. I had an acid spill awhile back, and I'm saving to order a new carpet kit. I figure I'll pull all the seats, replace the carpet, then test fit the new center seat then. (or pay someone to do it).

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    I saw that one when it was posted earlier in the thread. That is PRICEY! It's almost 1/6 the cost of the entire truck! I'll definitely be looking in scrap yards.

    - Jon

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    jonkun - The suv's didn't get the platform upgrade until 2001 ( if i am not mistaken), so you could use a seat from anything from i believe 1995 to 2000. good luck.

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    Default What about the subwoofer...

    I have a 2004 Yukon XL with OnStar and the Bose audio system that has a subwoofer (and amp?) in the front center console. I need to replace the center console with a seat... we have another child on the way...

    I can find seats that would fit and the part number for the lower instrument panel, but I don't know what I should do about the subwoofer in the center console. Can I just simply disconect it? Should I try, or will that screw up something? Is there another place I can put the subwoofer?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    We have a Black, 1996 Chevrolet Suburban LT, with tan leather interior, and front Captain/Bucket seats. Is there a specific OEM or aftermarket jumpseat I should keep an eye out for, when considering options to replace my front floor console with a ninth seat...for the perfect fit?

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    For the GMT400 trucks. Check out this seat.

    It was what I was going to buy for my '98 Burb. I decided to heck with it. I ended upgrading to a 2005 Yukon XL. 7 seat configuration of all things.

    I've swapped the 2nd row captains chairs for the bench. I still have my jump/console seat. But haven't installed it. Still have to research the console replacement parts to fill the void once I pull out the center console.

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    You can get an adapter kit to move the speaker/amp. Or if you are decent with a soldering iron can just add wire and relocate it whereever you want in the truck. The sound will be mildly different, but unless you are an audiophile it won't bother you that much. If you just disconnect it the factory systems in some vehicles will just quit on you. But if it isn't that big of a deal to you, just disconnect it and see if the radio still works to your liking.

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    With my 2007, it came with a 9 passenger capacity front bench seat. While this might seem like a good solution, let me forewarn those who assume it actually seats 9 people. Granted it has it's own backrest when flipped up, and it's own seatbelt. HOWEVER, there is very little leg room between where the seat is and the dash/front. As a matter of fact, I do not see how an adult short of a midget could sit there. It would be fine for a baby seat, or a small child, but anyone of even average size would be hard pressed to have enough leg room short of having their feet in one of the other passengers footwells.

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    It is for emergency purposes for the most time.

    There has been some cases where I need to carry 6, and the cargo area is full. I prefer the more versatile option of having the seat/jump combination versus just the huge console.

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