Hey everyone, just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who's helped out the site by clicking the "contribute" button that you see in the top-right corner of the site. Thank you! Like I say, You're all RockStars!

Help the site - get more features - more to come
I plan on introducing more and more features to those packages in the very near future too, it already allows for a bunch of extras and I'll see what else I can kick in. This site is getting very expensive to run each month, and these things help a lot.

Have you gotten any value from the site?
So I just humbly ask that if anyone has gotten any value out of this site, saved any money on a repair that was unneeded or saved money on diagnostics, or anything, consider helping out the site with a Gold or Platinum sponsorship.

My goal is to become a pre-eminent automotive site on the web, one that makes all of the pretenders stand up and take notice, that’s going to require a lot of work and a significant amount of capital to get going. So again, thanks to everyone who’s contributed to the site.

I’ll be having more and more time over the next few weeks due to a recent decision by my employer, so I’ll be around more to help answer questions, blog, and goof off in general!

Thanks everyone!!!