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    Hello Suburban owners. We are planning to tow our mini-van from Montana to Oregon using our 1999 Suburban 1500. Should I be concerned about tow weight, or is the Suburban rated to tow something this size? Also, what is the most you have towed with your Suburban and should I be concerned.

    Thanks for any replies ahead of time.

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    Does your suburban have an external transmission cooler, the transmission staying cool would be my first concern. Towing creates alout of stress on the transmission and stress=heat and heat=transmission failure.

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    The 5.7L will be a little sluggish through the mountains, but as long as you keep your tranny cool as mentioned, you'll be fine.


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    How ya planning on towing?
    Is this gonna be a flat tow, Dolly tow, or Trailer tow?
    The concerns would be the usual for a long trip, oil change, check all fluids (especially diff's), tires for tread wear and air pressure, brake system for condition, and general condition of both the tower and the towee.
    Flat tow or dolly tow shouldnt be a problem. Trailer tow I might be concerned about the van and trailer weight on the tongue of the trailer, this can be adjusted by placing the van forward or back on the trailer to adjust to a correct tongue weight (very important for braking and handling of the tow vehicle). Make sure the trailer hitch and trailer tongue are the same height and the Suburban or trailer doesnt take a nose up or down attitude when connected. Also on a trailer tow with that amount of weight trailer brakes are highly recomended. And as was previously mentioned a transmission cooler would be a very good idea to preserve the life of your Suburbans transmission.

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    i pulled my g/f's car on a 2 wheel dolley from michigan to kentucky with no problems in my silverado
    2000 silverado with a 5.3l v8, shorty headers, upgraded plugs, 10 mil wires, magnaflow high flow cats, flowmaster 80 series muffler(2 in 2 out) w/ 18 inch stainless silverline tips. i have a k&n CIA. its a 4x4 z71 offroad package. Ls model.
    extended cab 160k miles, truxedo low profile bed cover, diablo sport predator tuner.
    reman tranny @ 130k miles

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    I think it's been pretty well answered! You should be good to go, but just keep an eye on the gauges and use your judgement if/when going through the hills and mountains. Try to avoid overdrive and avoid prolonged brake use. Try to let your brakes cool off a little when you brake.. don't just ride the brake all the way down the hill!

    Good luck, and make sure to come back and tell us how your adventures turned out!

    Good luck,

    "The Sarge"
    1999 Chevy Suburban LT- K2500
    7.4 454 Vortec, 4WD
    305/70/16 on Eagle Alloy

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    Thanks fellas for the replies. Apparently, the Suburban already has a factory trans cooler. I had the brakes done last week (needed a new rotor and front pads), tune-up and system check. I will be using a tow dolly.

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    Well we went down to the U-Haul place and the guy said " you can't use a tow dolly for that van." This was after he said before it would be no problem. According to his computer, the Plymouth Voyager is either too heavy and or to wide for the dolly.

    He then said that we would need a car trailer, which would cost twice as much as the dolly. Not only that but the trailer weighs at least 1800lbs( without the van!) We decided to drive the van and the Suburban to save money and the the Suburban's tranny.

    I appreciate all your advice. We are leaving for Oregon in the morning. Cheers!

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    I know it's a little late now but I'd recommend you call BS on this clown. Tow dolly's come in three size's, maybe the issue is he doesnt have one the correct size but I know for a fact a Plymouth Voyager fits weight and size wise on the medium and large dolly (never tried a small dolly so couldnt tell ya about that), if this is the case he shoulda reserved a large dolly for ya.
    This is a common trick with U-Haul to get people renting trailers when they have to many trailers sitting around the lot.
    To say theres no love lost between myself and U-Haul would be an understatement I think their buisiness practices are unethical at times.
    Sorry to hear ya had a big unexpected change in plans at the last minute. Dont let it rattle you and ruin your trip. Drive safe.

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