Hi everybody!

I used to have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 for my daily driving, but I just wanted something bigger and more truly American style. The Jeep was great but I've never been much of an offroad guy and I don't consider myself a Jeep guy. I like on-road driving more and mud is not my friend :D I rather have my cars as clean as possible.
So accidentally I found a car ad where a guy wanted to sell his 1997 Suburban and he offered a trade-in for a Grand Cherokee, too. This was a rather unusual opportunity and although I didn't really even consider giving away my Jeep before that, I called the guy and we met at his place. We were both happy with each other's cars, we had both checked by qualified mechanics and finally agreed on the price that I had to pay extra (the Suburban is somewhat more expensive). In the current economy these cars don't sell well here in Estonia, Europe and they are basically only bought by fans and hobbyists. I think we both got a fairly good deal, since he needed the smaller car because his wife denied to drive the Suburban and he used it mostly as a hobby car, too. They had trouble sharing the one daily ride which is a BMW.
I must say that I just love driving this car and it's so relaxing. The sound system is very good, the exhaust is not very loud and only screams when giving a lot of gas. I now have a rather satisfying feeling inside which tells me that I have a great daily + weekend car combination together with the 79 Corvette.
The Suburban is a rather rare car here and people actually look at it very differently. Those who think very rationally tend to say that why would one need such a big car. Some certainly think that it must be some rich-ass fella driving his huge "Hummer", but I believe that most people kinda admire it. At least car fans who are not ricer freaks always like such cars. I have always smiled when I've seen such Christmas trees on the roads. But this is just to give you some idea about the life here, I don't care at all what others think and the main thing is that I like it. Life doesn't last forever and why not live it the way I want to.

The main problem outside is the missing light covers from the Lund moonvisor. However, I have them in the car and the previous owner removed them simply because the glue was getting loose and he didn't want to loose the covers. Will work these out soon. Fortunately the LEDs are still yellow so at night there's no difference.

I also got the Lund air deflector from the prev. owner which goes over the wipers and I tried to fit it today to see how it looks. Makes it so awesome! Even more big-rig look with the wider/less tall appearing windscreen. He suggested not to install it during snow-period though because when everything gets iced up, it's hard to get the wipers out etc.

I'm hoping to get some good help from here