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Thread: Void Warranty?

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    Default Void Warranty?

    Alright, first of all my name is Lucas and I drive a 07 Silverado. I bought my truck with an extended warranty but I really want to modify my truck's suspension with a lift or even just a leveling kit. I called a local GM deaer asking if it will void my warranty but the person on phone didn't help much. I was wondering if anyone has been in the same sistuation and can help me out here. I'm sure the answer is simple and will be once I change something it will void the warranty but is there anything I can do? I figured as long as I take the truck to a certified GM service center and have them install it the warranty should be ok still? Thanx guys and please get back to me.

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    I bought a 2004 2500HD from Serpentini Chevrolet, and they were very strict about upgrades. I wasn't even allowed to do a K & N intake on it, I asked about a lift kit and they laughed at me! Some dealers do aftermarket work but you will pay as much for labor as you do the parts, ex: Lift Kit $2,600=Labor $2,000.

    I bought my current truck 2005 Regency 1500 Z-71, already lifted from factory. Spitzer Chevy in Amherst Ohio. They deal in a lot of high performance cars (Corvettes 400-700hp), this dealer is very aftermarket friendly that's why I will always stick with them.

    I put a 85mm throttle from GMPP, Hypertech Hyperpac, K & N intake. When I asked about these upgrades they were more interested to see how they turned out, when I took it for the oil change they were all checking it out and asking me where I bought the stuff at.

    As far as electrical stuff, I have 6 PIAA 520 Series lights that I put on aftermarket by myself. When I asked the dealer he said it was fine as long as I didn't splice any wires in the main harness, so I made up my own seperate harness with Delphi connectors. I left the entire dash and all necessary panels out and took it up to the dealer, I showed him how I ran all the wires and hooked it up to the battery with several relays and a quick disconnect. Granted it cost me about $300 to make that harness, but it was worth it to watch him to try and find some where I had messed up but they didn't!

    Bottom line it all depends on the dealer you are with, and yes I do have a 7 year/84,000 mile warranty. My warranty is different because of the conversion, but my recommendation is next time you buy a truck and want to modify it seriously you are better off not getting the extended warranty. Good Luck!
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    Heres a great website that has U.S. code chapter 50
    The federal Warranty code


    The simple answer is yes they could void your warranty but they have to prove a lot of things to do so and if your persistant and really have'nt done anything to void your warranty you will prevail in getting proper warranty coverage.

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    I wish I would have really thought about it myself. It's my first truck and first time actually buying from a dealership so I guess it's a learning experience. Thanx guys for the replies.

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    Do a Google search on Magnuson-Moss Act.

    Congress in 1975 enacted the federal Magnuson-Moss Act to regulate written consumer product warranties.
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    Be careful if you need to use the extended warranty. I've seen Lift Kits, Oversize Tires, Engine Modifications void out extended warranties. The repair shops will be happy to repair your truck but the adjusters will void the warranty after they see your modified truck.

    On the other hand I worked at a Chevrolet Dealership in the mid 90's where we installed a 4" lift on a brand new truck destined for the showroom floor. Go figure.

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    I hate hearing that they will void someones warranty. The act i posted above prevents them from doing so. But if you don't know then I guess they get away with it.

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    Here is a link to a post on this site for the Magnuson-Moss Act.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1st Synthetics View Post
    I hate hearing that they will void someones warranty. The act i posted above prevents them from doing so. But if you don't know then I guess they get away with it.
    Let me be clear about "voiding someone's warranty". I was referring to aftermarket companies, not the GM factory warranty.

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    I noticed in the last year or so a lot more dealers are actually decking out some of there trucks to draw more of a crowd, as Jimmee said they can put a lift or set of fancy wheels to sell a truck that might not be selling. I think that sometimes that is the best way to do it is buy it already done from the dealer, that way they can't argue that point with you. The down side to that is those trucks are extremely expensive, I could have bought two stock crew cabs new for what I paid for my conversion and that's no Bull****. If you don't believe me I'll put the window sticker on here for you to see, or I could have bought a new ZR-1 for that fact but I love my Chevy trucks and I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

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