hmmm ok. Are you sure you only want a 10" powered sub like that? It's only got 100 watts rms going to it. It's not going to be much. I have two 10" subs with 278 watts rms going to each and I couldn't imagine going less to less than a quarter of that. Why not build a custom box in that area you're talkin about and build it to spec for a 10" sub. You don't have to get a shallow mount then and you could design one up on cad. Mine aren't shallow mount. As far as your cds go, you're gonna have to do a little shufflin! Why not put them up on your visor? or if you have a ton of them make usb drives of each genre and then get a regular cd player that takes usb, you can get them CHEAP at I mean cheap and they aren't seconds, they have warranty's and everything.

Just some ideas.