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This looks like it sets up the same as the grille guard that I have on my Tahoe.
I had to remove the factory tow hooks. Then take the bracker stamped "L" and install it on the right side. Then install the "R" bracket on the left side. Mounting was easy after we figured out this mistake in the directions.

My instruction said R and L from the driver's seat, but it was R and L as you looked at the Tahoe from the front.
it looks pretty much the same for mine as well

i left the tow hooks in and could fit the bolts in as well
just had to wiggle the bolt in abit

for the top bracket DO NOT remove the top black rubber piece of the bumper
just need to remove the grill (4-5 screws on top of the radiator) and the chrome middle piece just snaps off/on

unscrew the 2 verticle bolts and put the top bracket on and re attach bolts
a impact gun helps make the reach a little easier