Hi all - Thanks in advance for reading my post and offering any wisdom you can share.

I own a
2001 Chevy Tahoe LS w/ 110K Mi
Which I bought used at 80K mi

How can I identify what OEM shock I have installed?
Is it the Premium Ride or Regular ?

Upgraded the tires to Michelin LTX MS 18's with premium factory wheels all meant for on road and mostly hi-way driving. It's not 4-wheel drive and seems to drive well.

Gotta admit the ride is real smooth but hey it's got a 110k on the odometer and I know the shocks are worn out...so what I think is a premium ride could just be some real worn out soft shocks. They dont bounce like basketballs down the hi-way but they do make a loud thump once in a while.

The dealer is selling me on OEM premium ride shocks at $586 each for the rear + new stabilizer links.
Grand total $1,277 installed.

Keep in mind it's not auto level or anything like that.
Any thoughts on how to check out or identify the OEM shock type that is currently on there?

Thanks again,

01tahoe - rides again!