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    Question Very crazy clutch problem

    Clutch problems
    Hello everyone and thank you for reading my post. I have a ’96 4x4 6 cylinder, 5 manual speed Chevy truck. All my life I have drove manual cars and trucks so I am familiar when a clutch starts sleeping; but this is different…. My clutch pedal feels lose and if the truck is on I cannot change gears. If I turn the truck off I can then change gears, I can then start the truck and drive on that gear just fine, but then I cannot change to another gear. This has never happen to me before so I am kind of baffled. Why can I change gears when the truck is off but not when is on???
    Your help would be greatly appreciated

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    The first thing to do is check the fluid in your clutch master. You will probably find it low because of a leak somewhere.

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    I have seen a lot of clutches on GM's just stop working when the cluch wears out or the slave cylinder goes bad. My bet is that a new clutch and slave cylinder will get you fixed up.

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    I'm with Gary on this one. Usually what you are describing indicates worn or broken clutch parts. I'm not too familiar with the manual transmission on the 1996 GM trucks, but last time I drove a vehicle with this sort of problem, it was a 2002 camaro with a worn clutch cable. If the clutch is power assisted, then whatever is analogous to the clutch cable (whether it be hydraulic assist or whatever else it could be) should be the first thing that you investigate. If that is the problem, then it should be relatively easy/cheap to fix. If it is anything beyond those parts however, then it will be expensive to have done by a professional, or hard to fix on your own.
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    i would say clutch and slave

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    I will also have to agree. Check your clutch slave cylinder to see if it is leaking. Sometimes when they leak you don't get enough pressure to fully release the clutch.

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    Question Where is the clutch master in my truck?

    Thank you all for your replies, you guys are great.

    As I mentioned before I have being driving manual for several years now and when a clutch goes, then it would slip and the car would just no go anywhere. When I turn the truck off, put in first or second, the truck will go without problems, the thing is that then I cannot change gears! So the problem could very well be missing fluid in the clutch master...

    Could anyone tell me where it is located?

    Many thanks

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    Drivers side firewall under the hood, looks alot like brake master cylinder but it wont have the vacuum booster between it and the firewall.
    Before filling it check your owners manual for the correct fluid and level.
    Older systems would allow you to use brake fluid or auto trans fluid but newer systems are very particular about the type fluid used in them. For example if it say's use "Girling Fluid" then you should only use this fluid as other types will cause further problems.

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    That particular Chevy takes plain old DOT 3 brake fluid.
    This sounds a lot like the slave cylinder.

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