As you probably know, Im still shopping for a Suburban, and have a few specific questions:

Year is 95-96/2500/4x4 with 454...with 120-140 k miles.

1) What should the oil pressure be at idle and hot?

(My Avalanche and Silverado both held right at 40#s while warm at idle. Drove a 96 with 132K miles yesterday the hovered around 20#s at idle, also the temp guage ran 1/4 on the hot side)

2) Is there some kind of head gasket issue with these 454s? Seems like Im running into an inordinate amount of vehicles with "new head gaskets"/had head gaskets replaced. Whats the deal?

3) Aside from the fuel injection, is there any major differences in these 454s?

Sorry for the many questions, but Im trying to avoid making a huge mistake on this purchase with your vvery appreciated help!