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    Default Ive got the worst luck

    I was answering a fire call last night for a MVA and on the way to the station some genius decided to blow his red light while i was coming through with my blue light going, horn blasting and everything.

    long story short he hits my passenger side rear wheel and blew the wheel up pretty bad, It ended up ripping the front end off of his mini van and i only ended up with a small dent on my passenger side and a busted up wheel. Im driving around on the spare tire now until i buy anew wheel b/c it aint worth payin my deductable for something i can fix cheaper myself.

    Now the guy is trying to say i blew the red light and that the accident was my fault. Thankfully the officer that responded to the call was heading to the same fire call that i was and was only ten seconds down the road as i had passed him before with my lights on and he decided to follow. He told me that the report would most likely come out as a no fault and he would have to put the claim through his insurance and my rates will not go up hopefully.

    I cant believe that I bought my truck just over a month ago and already I have two accidents on the thing and its already cost me over four hundred dollars to fix.

    06 Silverado 1500 W/T
    No mods as of yet
    Soon to come (When I get the money that is)

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    Cool ive got the worst luck

    Sorry to here about your bad luck. It has to get better.

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    Damn than sucks. I hope everything works out.
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    that sucks

    2003 Z71 Silverado LS
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    Bed Rug
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    Waiting to be installed
    Two 8in RF HX2 punch( would have 12s but they got stolen)

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    Dang! Sorry to hear about your luck man.
    Hallsville, TX

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    Hypertech Max Energy Programmer
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    That stinks. Gives you a reason to look at some nice rims though,


    02' Avalanche 2500 Onyx Black
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    43,000 miles

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    Sr. Mechanic 06piney's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    Lakehurst, New Jersey


    yeah, i think im just going to buy the 1 OEM replacement for now, and save up money for some mickey t beadlocks

    06 Silverado 1500 W/T
    No mods as of yet
    Soon to come (When I get the money that is)

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    Cool ive got the worst luck

    I have the M/T beadlocks on my 05 Silverado. I like em but when you install beadlock they say torque to 10 ft lbs and they mean 10ft lbs. I had brand new Snap-On torque wrench and like a dummy I set it at 12ft lbs (I now have new glasses so I can see little #s) Well I stripped the first bolt (Oh Sh**) Fixed and theve been good wheels. Also put a very little dab of antiseize on the bolts,to much and it slings the excess all over the tires. (dont ask how I know that). Your bad luck has to change. Be careful.

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    Sorry to hear about your bad luck man, glad you weren't hurt though.


    '94 Chevy Suburban K1500
    3" exhaust w/ aero turbine non-baffled muffler
    CFM Technologies TB spacer
    CB w/ 44" whip antenna

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    I'd recommend you get the rear axle checked out by a mechanic, side hits on a wheel can cause a lot of damage, wheels rolling in the direction of the truck can take a terrific amount of punishment but hits from the side can easily cause seal damage, bearing damage and differential damage.

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