Well this thread is obviously old but it is kind of reaffirming thoughts I've had of this forum as I have only been a member for a couple months. Important to note I have read a great deal more than I have posted but I have posted several things and gotten little feedback. My post are detailed and pointed with true explanation of what I'm trying to accomplish. I get nothing, the only threads I see with a lot of replies are ones of generic topics, your typical K&N, Flowmaster, Magnaflow discussion. And now hearing all this about an admin bashing for irrational reasons is frustrating. I am actually getting an in-person tune by Justin July 10th, two weeks away. I have researched the hell out of this company and Justin's reputation. I have never seen anything in the way of "dirty marketing". I would know I'm an Account Executive for a major market TV station in Dallas, TX. Advertising and Marketing is my living. Just seems like some ego-driven, immature comments being made at times.

Now all that being said. The few members on here that have replied and welcomed me to this forum I very much appreciate. Thanks to you all! But I will seriously reconsider utilizing this forum unless the random, unreasonable statements are discontinued. I chose this thread to share my thoughts because it was so littered with ammo but I have seen a lot of BB related bashing lately by people who have never even tried the company.