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    Well this thread is obviously old but it is kind of reaffirming thoughts I've had of this forum as I have only been a member for a couple months. Important to note I have read a great deal more than I have posted but I have posted several things and gotten little feedback. My post are detailed and pointed with true explanation of what I'm trying to accomplish. I get nothing, the only threads I see with a lot of replies are ones of generic topics, your typical K&N, Flowmaster, Magnaflow discussion. And now hearing all this about an admin bashing for irrational reasons is frustrating. I am actually getting an in-person tune by Justin July 10th, two weeks away. I have researched the hell out of this company and Justin's reputation. I have never seen anything in the way of "dirty marketing". I would know I'm an Account Executive for a major market TV station in Dallas, TX. Advertising and Marketing is my living. Just seems like some ego-driven, immature comments being made at times.

    Now all that being said. The few members on here that have replied and welcomed me to this forum I very much appreciate. Thanks to you all! But I will seriously reconsider utilizing this forum unless the random, unreasonable statements are discontinued. I chose this thread to share my thoughts because it was so littered with ammo but I have seen a lot of BB related bashing lately by people who have never even tried the company.
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    Default u may have been doing it for a long time but u still suck.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    What I want to know is why we get a post like this about black*bear every few weeks? They're all got similar text, similar questions, similar "facts" about how great the guy who runs the place and similar overall user history.

    It goes like this
    A user sign-up, posts a few times and then goes away. A few weeks later, they come back and post a bunch about black*bear tuning. These posts are usually done in the "Hey, what does everyone think about black*bear??". They also seem to go on and on how great this dude Justin is. They also provide very indepth product and service offerings, often highlighted and bolded, and talk about the great wonderful feedback that seems to be universal about this company.

    Take note - the font was cut and pasted
    This post I'm replying to right now clearly shows a different font in the first post than in the follow-ups. That usually means that it was a cut-and-paste job from something like Microsoft Word, because the font carried over!! The replies to this are in the standard GMTC system font.

    Makes me wonder if someone's looking for some free advertising?
    i dont understand why you would go after this in the open like this. i am new to this site but im not new to chevy forums. i am sure that you can find out if what your saying is true, which im sure its not. also i dont really give a **** if you kick me off bc i really haven seen all that great of info on here anyway. if i want to pick a muffler or a intake ill go to pepboys. i want good info. maybe instead of wasting time bashing people you should try to spark up some good tech info that will really help people. dont get me wrong i like the little chatter, everyone needs different info, but you need to attract people with more info to help everyone.

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    Glad to know that so many people got so much out of their Black Bear tune.

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