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    It really doesnt make it that much more durable. Thats why they call it ply rating instead of actual plies, AKA Load index numbers. It is a little bit more durable, but with a good quality tire the sidewalls are usually the same which is probably the biggest off road problem area. Gdy Silent Armor and Pirelli Scorpions both have the same extra ply on the sidewalls whether or not its a LT tire or a P-Metric. BFG ATs dont make a P-Metric tire but the side walls are the same from load range C to E (6ply rating to 10Ply raing) Also when you go to larger sizes(larger than a 32" tall) there are some brands that have LRE's but most are LRD's especially the bigger tire you go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kady View Post
    If you have a 2500, look into the wheel /tire combo i have.. Its a lil bit of a stiff ride, but nothing you can't get used to
    What size tires do you have Kady, I was looking into the BFG A/T?
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    My truck has 265/70-16 BFG Long trails now & I hate them, want taller tire but dont want to ruin ride. I was looking at 235/85-16 (only e rated) since it was taller & about same tread width. The more tread on ground gives more rolling resistance= less MPG. I drive about 20k a year. I had the 265/75-16 on my Yukon & liked the ride, they did stick out of fender & make a little more of a mess of truck.
    Thanks for all the info.

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    235's would have too much wash under load. Changing lanes would be hairy in my opinion. I have 245/75/16 e rated on my Avalanche 2500.They look too thin so going to 235's I think would look aweful on a burb. With an E rated the max PSI is 90 psi. That makes for a very rough ride. I am at 75PSI and it is still rough. Under load though it rides like a caddy. Given that you really can't load down the bed ( since it ain't there) and you'll be towing I would go with the 265's you have the ride quality you want and they won't look like 10 speed tires under your truck.


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    10 plys or nothing in my opinion. They are defientally more durable It's also nice knowing that when you put some weight to them they won't overheat and blow out. Throw a heavier 4wheeler or sled in the bed on 4 plys and feel the heat of the rubber after a run down the highway. The 10 plys hold up better. I rode temporarily on 4 plys when I first bought my truck used, then switched to 10 ply, same model tire (Kumho Road Venture AT) and the ride stiffened up quite a bit but tread wear has been good and they have held up better to gravel roads and hauling weight 10x better. If I know I won't be working them, I air them down to 35 psi so for a comfy ride, otherwise I air them up to 65 and enjoy the ride... its a truck afterall.

    As for the same sidewall as the 4 ply's, I don't believe it. A 10 ply has a much stiffer sidewall. They usually weigh quite a bit more and all that extra weight isn't just in the tread. You'd think this would hurt gas mileage but I didn't notice a huge drop... maybe the capability to air them up so much offsets the extra weight turning.

    As for tire size... 265/75 or 245/75's would serve you well. 235/85 isn't popular for a reason. Truck would handle very "quirky..." probably would dart on the highway and be tiring. If you want to look different than stock without going through the lift and MT style thing, 265's will set off a stock truck just right in my opinion.

    Just my 2cents (actually, that was more like 5 cents)
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    Really it comes down to safety, think about what happens when you corner hard during an emergency (animal, road debri, child) the sidewall WILL give, now think about it when you have more sidewall and less tire tread contacting the ground. Either the rim will roll out of the tire with the added weight of a suburban or its just not gonna turn because you have less tread making contact thus not being able to grip the road. Have you ever seen what happens to a truck on the highway when it turns sharp and the tire rolls off the rim? It will almost immediatly flip, I have seen this too many times, when people over compensate. Think about ALL the worst things that could happen by going with a narrower and taller tire and compare that to your safety and to those in your vehicle. As a safety rep in a nuclear plant I have to think about the "what ifs" when I do evals, and to me this is no different. Get at the minumum the OE size and rating, and myself i go with 265/75/16. Its worth the ride that you may or may not even notice and the MPG you may or may not lose.
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