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    Just many guys on here actually work for GM, while we are talking about this. Maybe I should start a new thread.
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    Good point Steve, seems big oil and big auto aren't exactly bringing in similar amounts. If there ever was an agreement, I have a feeling there isn't anymore

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    Getting back on point ...

    It looks like the Obama administration may have wanted to get the boldholders to make more concessions and the bondholders wanted the unions to make more concessions too, but the Obama administration is more likely to favor the union workers, so they put the squeeze on Wagoner in the middle as they have a pro-union bias.

    The good news is that Chevy truck sales are still plentiful enough so there are enough to help Obama move back to Chicago in January 2013.

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    The Obama administration should make it fair. If they ousted Wagoner because he asked for aid then any other company that asked for aid should have there CEO resign also.

    Just to put fairness into the mix.

    But no let the other companies still hand out bonuses and take coorperate trips with our bailout money. If i ask to have help with my mortgage will the Obama regime make me quit my job too.

    There are companies that are take drastic measures though. Stanley morgan will not be buying any new coorperate jets until they pay back the bailout money. Way to sacrifice guys.


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    This administration makes me sick and I have to wonder how much farther it will go. With all this pushing of limits to grow government control and reach and we're not even half way through the first year!


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    Unfortunately for Rick Waggoner he was forced into a position of bringing this upon himself, the old letting the camels nose under the tent flap, next thing ya know the camels sleeping in your bed.
    GM went to Washington for a bailout, how could they not know Washington wasnt gonna leave them hands off to resume buisness as they saw fit?
    While I dont like Washington dictating or being able to dictate buisness to a company they became a major shareholder when the deal was struck. And like any shareholder they want to stick their hand in the mix to ensure their investment is sound. And they had better look out for that investment because the money doesnt belong to Washington it belongs to all of us, and if this is mishandled in any way there will be a reckoning at the next election.

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