Looking for dimensions for a sub box for a 06 Silverado 1500 Ext Cab. Id rather build than buy. It is a project I am sure I can handle.

Also looking for suggestions for head units, I would like one not too flashy, anyone have input on the functionality of a head unit with GPS? DVD playability is optional, must have XM hookup and preferably I-pod ready. Price is always a factor, prime would be roughly $600.

Also piecing together a system. Currently have 1 - 12inch JL Audio W3-D4. I want to go for 2 subs should I scrap this 300 watt sub and pick up two others or just find another single JL W3-D4? I do like quality not quantity. Most definitely need a new amp. looking for recommendations appropriate to the subs recommended or enough to put 300 Watts per channel to the W3s I might run. (very indecisive about this any input would be wonderful).
- On that note looking to sell a Kicker Comp KX600:1 (300 watt) amp, and possibly the W3. PMs are appropriate.

Curious as to stock tint VLT%. My state is quite picky and If i tint the front windows the same as the rears I think I am in the clear. Noobie to the tinting world so input would be great.

I think that is enough to start with this summer. This will be a summer long project for me, but I plan on many other modifications as well. If anyone wants to toss out a good first performance mod for me that would be great. Might start a poll later.
P.S. Sorry about wall-o-text