Alright guys, Last night before work i stopped at the store, i got back in my truck and started out of the parking lot and i noticed my clock was reset... thought wierd but ok. Then I was on my way home from work this morning. Driving bout 65mph.. out of no where my dash lights flickered a few times, the red airbag light started flashing and i believe my music cut out although i dont remember for sure. I was listening to a cd. anyways a few seconds later everything was normal i got home and shut the truck off and everything went out including the radio when it should stay on til i open the door.. i then turned the key back on and the radio clock was reset and it preceeded to try to read the disc, i then turned the key to start the truck and nothing happened. tried three times and still nothing. I waited a minute for the cd to load, it sounded like it was changing between disc, when it was finished i switched to the radio and powered it off. Then the truck started fine. Any ideas?

08 silverado 5.3L Z71 extended cab.. multi disc cd player. I also checked my battery.. terminals are clean and tight. and my guage reads plenty of volts.