Yesterday I went to start my 2002 sub and it was a no go! I had left it over night at a friends house, I had left it unlocked with the keys laying on the console. When my other half and I got to the truck she opened the passenger door first then I got in and had the no start problem!
Well here is the kicker if you leave your truck unlocked for an extended period and someone opens the passenger door the security system kills the fuel circuit and it will try to fire off for a split second and then die. Anyway I went to my mechanic to have him go out and pickup the sub, he said "I bet $50 there is nothing wrong". He went on to explain about what happens and what to do, the procedure he gave me was first to lock and unlock the drivers door both with the key and the clicker. I then got it and tried to start still N/G then went on to step two of his instructions, I turn the key off and on 5-6 times then waited 30 seconds hit the starter and the problem was gone, I have since started and stopped it several times and all is back to normal. Try to remember this tip as it is very easy for someone to open the passenger door before you open the drivers door after it has been sitting a long time, the tip will save frustration and having to bum rides back and forth!! Also may save you the cost of replacing a good fuel pump which is what the crooks do!!!