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    thanks for the advice guys, I'll have to try it when I get home and have a chance to wash the truck.
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    See a lot of Avalanches with fading black sails and trim.

    My 2007 Avalanche (no cladding) is not garaged and the black plastic on the rear sail takes a beating from the Sun. It turns white on the top surface and gets white/grey tiger stripes on the sides. A lot of scrubbing with a stiff plastic brush and plenty of rubbing with a cloth containg Mothers Back to Black is needed just to get the sides of the sail almost black, but theplastic on top near over the 3rd stop lamp was impossible to get right. In about 2 months it was back to where I started.

    Went to Auto Zone to get another two bottles of Mothers Back to Black at $7.00 a bottle........complaining to one of the workers that there must be something better. He took me from the car "glamour aisle" where they have the waxes/cleaners to the "body work" aisle where they keep the "Bondo Black" made by 3M which comes as a black gel with a foam applicator.....the product specifies for faded tires, restores black bumpers and restores black trim. It appears to be a jet black gel that goes on in a smooth film and dries hard as the plastic in less than a minute. It is not a paint, no solvent smell either, appears to be a black waxy gel, Won't rub or scrape off and after 3 months it still looks "like brand new plastic". The top of the sail took a few coats to go from white to jet black, but the sides only took two light coats....wear gloves like it says or you'll have black hands which will take a lot of scrubbing to was so easy to put on and the results look so good that I was pissed off that I didn't find it sooner..... I threw out the remaining bottle of Mothers.

    With the jet black sail, saddle bags and tonneau the 07 looks as good as the day I bought it new.

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    mother black to black is pretty awesome, but if doesnt bring it back enough for you: clean it all with soap and water again and slighty heat it up with a heat gun or hair dryer (slightly and slowly is the trick here, dont go crazy) and it will bring original color back to the plastic, afterwards follw it up with the mothers to protect it from the sun
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    I use armor all as well on my black plastics. I did have a friend who would use the spray on tire shine stuff and his truck always looked good, but I never tried it for myself so can't guarantee anything on that one.
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    Tire shine works great on the exterior plastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raiderman8112 View Post
    I'm having the issue of keeping my black plastic staying black. Does anyone have any ideas of what to try other thank Mothers Back to Black, I try this and once it rains or after a few days it looks as if it did before I put it on. I also ran into the issue of getting alittle wax on the plastic as well and cant get that off either.
    I know this will get a lot of laughs and some WTF's however, take some warm peanut butter and rub it on the black trim that is stained from wax or polish. let it sit for 5 minutes then wipe it off clean. the white wax stains will be gone and yes it works.
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    Here's a link to Mothers.

    It may help you with blk plastic.


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    If your black plastic is fading you can use a heat gun to run over the plastic lightly until it caramelizes and leaves you with a glossy black plastic that looks brand new. I have done this on my truck and other vehicles and so far its worked on every car ive done

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    Sound like using heat to slightly melt the top layer of plastic to remove surface oxidation may work, but I don't like to use anything more powerful than a hair dryer (to remove or replace stick on emblems) anywhere near paint or plastic. And how light is light, my heat gun can melt lead and set paint on fire? However, I would be interested in getting feedback from someone using the heat method on the wattage used, distance and application time and how long it lasts before needing a redo. Also, whether it gives you a 100% jet black just like new or more like a Mothers 90% or so black.

    A heat gun may work, but I'd rather play it safe and keep the pebbled surface of the sail, saddlebags, and tonneaus intact. The Bondo restore black appears to be the easier (than Mothers or Armour All because there is no scrubbing) and safer approach. Used Mothers on one saddlebag, Armour All on the other and Bondo Restore Black on the sail and tonneaus. After four months in rain, hail and two carwashes........the Bondo is still jet black and shiny, the Mothers is starting to grey out and the Armour All looks worst of all...and the saddlebags started out in better shape than the sails to begin with....less than five minutes applying the Bondo to both saddlebags and everything matches again......the newly applied black looks just as good as the four month old black. If I can get six months out of one coating, especially through Summer months, I'll consider this a great success......couldn't get six months out of a vinyl top treatment!

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    Thanks for getting us some feedback on this. It's really cool how you tried them all at once for a test. I will have to get some of the Bondo Restore next time I am at Autozone. Thanks for the advice.

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