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    Default Turbo or Supercharger???????

    Hey i have a 06 6.0 vortec, i pull big 5th wheel trailers, goosenecks, and bumper pulls. i love my truck but want to get that big power a supercharger or turbo gives! i have a exhaust, intake, and hypertech programer. what would be the best thing to do? i plan to do a mass air flow sensor, throttle body spacer, maybe nitrious. what things would work well id i turboed or charged my truck? what should i do to get more power and to be quicker?

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    It depends on what you plan on doing with the truck. Since you pull large trailers, I would be nervous about turbo charging due to heat issues. In addition, you would have near instant boost with a supercharger. If you did go turbo, than you need to make sure that you use a turbo that isn't too large, but at the same time not too small. Too large and you end up with turbo lag that can make it a pain to get moving from a stand still. If you go too small, than you either burn up the turbo or piston rings from too much heat.


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    Cool turbo or supercharger

    Did some 3/4ton Suburbans that towed travel trailers with Whipple Superchargers and customers loved em. The supercharger starts making power as soon as you hit the trottle. Kits were complete and easy install, about a day.

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    did u? so although those were surburbans their basically the same thing! that helps me out alot. thank you very much. any paticular brand of supercharger i should check out?

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    Definately Supercharged, power starts coming on a little above Idle.
    I've got a Supercharger on my 97 2500 7.4 ltr Suburban, it runs great right off the line, it leaves my non supercharged 7.4 ltr Suburban in the dust.

    If you Supercharge you might want to look at some fuel system upgrades to get the most out of your investment.

    Look at Vortech, Kenne Bell, Whipple these are just a few companies that specialize in forced induction systems.

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    They wouldnt make a supercharger for the 4.8 ltr would they??
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    I'm pretty sure theres one on the market, check the vendors I listed above for specific aplications.

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    A twinscrew Supercharger would be better for towing cause builds low end torque better
    Turbo will make more power on top end for same boost level though.

    Twin Screw Supercharger from

    Turbo from
    would upgrade to a t-70 or t-76 for a 6.0L motor though

    Extra heat from turbos is a myth from people who have never had a turbo.

    Guy on Ls1truck just did a hybrid T-76 turbo feeding into a MagnaCharge twinscrew s/c
    best of both worlds
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    Default whipple supercharger

    Its the one I have like it alot. s/c gives more torque right from the start. which will help you start moving those heavy trailers
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    Quote Originally Posted by silveradotrailblazer View Post
    Did some 3/4ton Suburbans that towed travel trailers with Whipple Superchargers and customers loved em. The supercharger starts making power as soon as you hit the trottle. Kits were complete and easy install, about a day.
    What would someone expect to spend (ball park) for a complete SC system? I have an 01 8.1L burban that is going to be primarily only towing our travel trailer in the very near future and I am thinking about a SC system.

    2001 Suburban 8.1L 2500 LT

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