Hello from Michigan!

My wife and I are buying a 1997 Tahoe which we test drove last night. We needed an inexpensive family vehicle and came across this Tahoe. We test drove it and it seemed to drive fine, considering the mileage. It has 212,000 miles, but it drove well. It needs some TLC....so that's why I'm here!

-- The air conditioning needs to be charged (my brother is in that line of work...no big deal)
-- The driver's rear door will not open. It seems to be stuck in the locked position.
-- There's a small coolant leak coming from the tee at the heater core hoses.
-- Needs a GOOD cleaning. It's pretty filthy now.
-- There's an alarm system that acts goofy. I'm going to have it uninstalled from the local aftermarket shop.

But for having 212,000 miles it ran great. The push button 4x4 worked well. All the power windows worked. Cruise, CD player, mirrors, etc. all worked. Transmission shifted well. The 350 still was maintaining 50 lbs. of oil pressure even at a hot idle. The owner bought the truck with 120,000 in 2003 and drove it all around northern MI and only ever had to replace the fuel pump, a/c condensor, a/c evaperator, and a/c compressor.

I'm getting it for $1,475. Good deal?

Getting that door open is my main concern for the time being...