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    Default later model motor swap

    hello again fellas, has anyone doen a later model motor swap? was thinking of finding a junked car and taking the motor and trans from it to swap in my 95 silverado... any tips? thoughts? i was thinking more the requirements on computer things... will the computer in the truck now, work with the late model motor? thanks for the input!

    1995 silverado
    Beltech 4"drop front soon to be 6" on the back
    true dual 44 flowmasters
    Hooker comp headers
    k&n cai
    20" zenetti throwback wheels
    2 kicker 10" subs
    alpine seps
    alpine mono 500w amp
    jl 4chan 500w amp

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    Up front: I don't really know specifics, but here are some specific issues you'll need to get answers on:

    1) Which engine do you currently have? Are you planning to go with a newer version of the same engine or ??? Is your current engine TBI (throttle body injection) or port EFI or CSFI?

    2) Do you want to put the entire engine and engine management system in, or do you simply want to use newer parts to upgrade the existing engine. For example, it seems I've heard of people who take the 5.7 vortec heads and put them onto the older 5.7 as an upgrade. Is this the kind of thing you want to do or would you want to take the whole kit and kaboodle.

    3) If your current engine is TBI, and you want to upgrade to an EFI engine, you'll need a new fuel system (TBI operates at, what 10 psi? EFI engines operate at 60 psi). You will also need carry over the entire engine management system, because I wouldn't expect the TBI computer to know what to with a system with one injector per cylinder.

    4) What transmission do you have? I don't know about the 4L80E, but I know the '95 4L60E was somewhat unique, and doesn't swap well with other years. If you end up needing to swap computers, you'll need to either figure out if your '95 transmission will work with the newer computer or not. You may even need to get a newer transmission.

    Like I said, I don't get involved in these swaps like this, so I don't know all the details. This should give you some more specific questions to look into in deciding what is involved in this. I'm pretty sure people are doing this kind of swap, so with some research, you should be able to find answers to these questions.
    '98 K1500 Suburban LS 5.7 L 4L60E NV246 ARB
    '92 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 4.0 L A4LD BW13-54 Trac-loc rear
    "My toys were the greasy cogs and springs and pistons that lay around all over the place, and these, I can promise you, were far more fun to play with than most of the plastic rubbish children are given nowadays." Danny in Roald Dahl's Danny The Champion of the World

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    thanks for the input bud! i was doing some research and i found that guys have done this same swap and everything bolted right up. the only mods needed were bigger injectors for the 350 and a set of vortech heads will fit on real nice. the trans that i have now i was hoping to keep, the 4l60e, currently i have a 305 but going to upgrade to a 350. i just put in a set of hooker comp headers and dual 40 series exhaust. the truck sounds good at idle, but get on the gas and wake up the neighbors!! but it feels like it lags tourqe on the low end.... backpressure problem maybe? i havent hooked up the o2 sensor yet, but that is just a small hole... kinda confused....

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    how bout a ht383e from gm, its a direct replacement for a 350
    2002 silverado 4.3 5spd / off road y pipe, flowmaster split duals, K&N filter
    ported throttle body , ported heads and intake < all by me

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