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    the bearing can also cause a similar knock feeling to the steering as mentioned in earlier posts. Problem is until the spline issue is deemed to not be the issue there really is no way to tell, especially if you are the general repairer and not driving these units in a dealership situation. Then you may be able to tell the difference although i highly doubt it.
    So if i were to be trying to get my truck back, i would try the least expensive, most effective and simplist form of repair first. The grease fitting can be installed with no disassembly and after the first test ride, a little more grease does not cure it completely, then i would go the extra mile to dig deeper into the bearing.

    There have been a few good ideas added to my original post, ie; expanding foam in the lower shaft, so browse this thread and use these added thoughts as nessecary.

    I firmly believe that atleast 95% of owners will expreience clunk free driving instantly with no other recourse. It appears that a larger % already would agree.

    the cost is less than $10.00 for most people. thats worth the effort for 15 munites of your time.

    2004 Chevy Silverado Z71, 5.3L auto
    Beginning work in progress

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    Just did this fix yesterday on my 03 with 120,000+ miles and so far it has worked like a charm. I had put up with this clunk for several years, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this easy procedure would take care of it. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this, especially "skinner."

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    Default Which of these 'fixes' really work?? anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by delper View Post
    Just did this fix yesterday on my 03 with 120,000+ miles and so far it has worked like a charm. I had put up with this clunk for several years, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this easy procedure would take care of it. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this, especially "skinner."

    Which 'fix' method worked for you?? Just wondering which one you tried. I'm thinking of trying the replacement steering shaft which is sold by Summit racing equipment. They even say that the shaft 'fixes' the 'clunk' noise in the stock OEM steering shaft.. thought about trying that one.. however, it is quite expensive. The shaft is like $200 and something bucks.. then I have to turn around and pay another few hundred (im sure thats about what they would charge) for installation of the new shaft. I just want to make sure it indeed DOES fix the issue.. before I go spending the hundreds of dollars that its going to take to fix the issue.

    I personally think that Chevrolet should 'man-up' and take care of its customers that indeed do have this issue. It's their fault that Chevrolet owners have the problem to begin with. Well, its actually the 'Engineering' department.. that's responsible.

    I mean seriously!! Who the hell comes up with that kind of design?!?! It's absolutely pathetic IMO.. absolutely pathetic. My 10 year old nephew could dream up a better shaft than the Chevrolet Engineering Department can.. LOL. No joke either.. :| It's sad. :(

    Anyhow, I'm still dealing with my clunk noise. Oh, and NOW... I'm hearing this high pitched squeeking noise. It's coming from inside the steering wheel column somewhere.. and it only seems to squeek whenever I go down the road and hit a few bumps.. but it makes the noise EVERY SINGLE TIME I hit a bump.. and I don't take my truck off the pavement.. she stays on the paved roads only.. because I've spent a TON of money fixing this truck up and I don't feel like ****ing it up.

    But anyways.. if anyone can tell me what 'fix' actually works.. I would be GREATLY appreciative!!

    Happy Holidays ppl!


    P.S. - Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out with this. I think I have asked this once before, but I can't remember which 'fix' I was told that really works.. so again, any help with a true fix.. would be freaking GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DAREDEVIL View Post
    STILL, nobody could tell me if this works on a 1996 ??? I have a noise( clunk ) somewhere up front..but dont know if this is the same thing...

    H E L P
    Here's the best way to check and see if you indeed have the steering shaft issue. While your truck is in park.. get in it and turn the steering wheel to the right and left.. all the way.. both ways. If you hear and or feel a clunk noise while turning the wheel.. then you do indeed have the same problem as the rest of us.

    good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pissonbinladen View Post
    Which 'fix' method worked for you?? .
    The one at the beginning of the thread. Drill, tap and grease fitting. 30 pumps of grease and noise gone.

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    Yup, worked like a champ...

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    I've had my '05 2500 for a year and a half. Bought it with just 34000 miles on it but it already had the steering clunk. My local indy wrench manually repacked it once but as expected the clunk was back 6 mos later.

    Did your fix on Friday and the clunk was immediately GONE. Between yesterday and today we did more than 600 miles and the steering feels like new.

    Thanks for the fix.

    2012 Chevy 2500HD 4x4 sb crew
    2012 Subaru Outback (wifes)
    1992 BMW K100RS
    2012 Lance 855S TC

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    Question just a quick question..

    Quote Originally Posted by delper View Post
    The one at the beginning of the thread. Drill, tap and grease fitting. 30 pumps of grease and noise gone.

    Ah, nice man.. thanks!

    Well, now I have a decision to make. I recently took my truck to a local auto shop which is very well known for doing EXCELLENT work and being just an overall really good loyal shop with loyal mechanics. I love it because this shop doesn't try and tell the customer that they need something replaced when they actually don't need anything you know? They just tell ya how it is.. and that's what I like.

    anyhow, I had them do a complete tune-up on mine last week. New belts, spark plugs (Iridium ONLY!) and wires.. and let tell ya, my baby runs like it did when I first bought her off the showroom floor.. if not better! Oh, and my MPG went WAY up! But, that's because the new plugs are giving off a much cleaner and more complete spark.. which in return brings a much more complete and better combustion.. resulting in much more power and better MPG.

    So I get to the shop to pick up my baby from the shop and the guy tells me that the old plugs just had your normal wear on them.. but that they looked really good for a 105k engine.. which tells me the internals of the engine are still in good shape which is fantastic!! But then he mentioned to me that the steering wheel was clunking. So of course we get into a conversation about the whole steering noise on the Silverados and what not.. then he tells me "Well, we've done a lot of these steering shafts on the Silverados.. and every customer has praised us for fixing it because apparently the dealership wouldn't fix it for them. Well, not a perm. fix.. they (the dealership) would only "grease" the shaft.. which doesn't perm. fix the problem.. its only a temporary fix". So he tells me that he can fix the noise by replacing the shaft with a new one that is specifically designed to fix this issue. He's only going to charge me $183 and some change plus tax to take out the old crappy shaft and install the new one.. which I didn't think was too bad. Especially if its indeed going to fix the issue.

    Anyhow, I guess my question here is.. should I probably just go ahead and let them do the steering shaft?? Or do you think I could find someone the could do it cheaper? The reason I ask.. is because I have called EVERY single local shop in my city and they all tell me that they've never heard of this issue.. but that they would be more than happy to take a look at it. Well, if they don't even know what I'm talking about.. I'm damn sure not going to take it to any of those

    But anyhow, yeah.. you guys think I should just let them do it?? They even warranty their work! :D

    thanks everyone!!

    happy holidays!


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    Just did this on my 03 with 114k. Worked great! Thanks to OP for the fix to this very irritating issue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by delper View Post
    The one at the beginning of the thread. Drill, tap and grease fitting. 30 pumps of grease and noise gone.
    All the folks here that are screwing around with intermediate shaft replacement, dealer recalls, dealer assumptions, and all the other stuff........

    I did the 15 minute (that included misc diversions) fix. Been clunk free for the past few months.

    No brainer here. Don't believe it? Have fun with your dealer's stupid/bad fix attempts.


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    I had a local garage do my steering shaft 'fix'. Luckily for me, this particular local shop is a well respected/known shop and they do excellent work.. Plus, they stand by their repairs/work. You don't see that kind of loyalty any more it seems..

    but yeah, I had mine done before Christmas 2011 (last year). They replaced the entire shaft assembly.. which def. took care of the noise. I was so freaking happy whenever I got it back.. and heard no noises from the steering column area.. I wanted to do cart-wheels! Before picking my truck up from the shop that did the repair.. I was, well, needless to say... very pessimistic about the whole thing. I was thinking I'd get my truck back and either the noise would still be there.. or within a few weeks or a couple of months, the noise would come back. Well, its been 4 to 5 months now since the repair/replacement of the shaft.. and I got to say, still no noise. My baby literally drives like new!! No joke either!

    So, either way.. if you want to try the grease-fitting repair then be my guess. However, I would highly suggest just replacing the entire sterring shaft unit with a new one from 'Jegs' or 'Summit Racing'. That's what I did.. and I've never had any issues since the replacement.

    Good luck to everyone else that is currently having this issue.

    I personally think GM/Chevrolet (same thing pretty much) should fix this issue.. or, pay for it themselves.. instead of making the loyal customer who spent/paid 30k+ for their truck pay for it. I mean, if the customer can prove that they had to pay for the repair/replacement (having a receipt etc..)
    then yeah, I think they (GM) should pay that customer back for the repair.. because GM should take responsibility for developing a severely ****ty (excuse my French..) engineered shaft assembly in the first place. Just my two-cents worth.

    Hey, I have a question for anyone that might know the answer.

    I've got an '05 Chevrolet LS crew-cab and she's got just under 110k on her. Recently had the 100k service done and all that good stuff. However, I'm ready for a new truck I think. So, I was just wondering if anyone else knew if GM/Chevrolet had fixed this steering clunk issue in the newer models?? If not, I'll just wait until they obtain the capacity/brains to do so.

    Let me know.

    Have a great week everyone.

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