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    Got mine done last weekend, filled it with about 60 shots of grease and it completely eliminated the clunk.

    Super fix Skinner. Cost me 74 cents for the grease fitting and now if it comes back I just put a couple of shots of grease in it.

    2005 Silverado Crew Cab 5.3l 4WD

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    Default Thanks Skinner!

    Sometimes in this life you don't need to know how things work, they just do! I've had my truck for only a week and the steering clunk was driving me crazy. I found this post on Thurs. of last week and and decided to get up Fri. and start this fix; it took me about 45 min to complete. The only difficulty I found was getting my drill and tap tool into the small confined space. I had everything in my garage to complete it. The one thing I would do different, was suggested by Captain Bones in filling up the lower shaft with expanded foam to hold the grease in. I immediately noticed it was gone! Thanks again Skinner.

    2004 Silverado 1500 Ext. Cab
    Dual Exhaust
    2" BellTech lowering spindles
    Tinted windows
    K&N filter
    22" Mazzi Hercules Rims

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    Glad to see it's working for everyone.
    Thats what we are here for, to help and be helped.
    And i mentioned in the instruction about plugging the lower shaft but didn't know with what but Captain Bones had a great idea, until someone comes up with a better one, i'd use that one too.
    Last edited by skinner; 08-17-2009 at 09:07 AM.
    2004 Chevy Silverado Z71, 5.3L auto
    Beginning work in progress

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tight Lines View Post
    I have searched and wondering if I have this problem. My steering doesn't clunk per say, when I turn it almost feels like something is loose, within the system. It just doesn't feel solid. Is this the same thing you guys are talking about? If so, thanks and will try, if not sorry but can somebody maybe steer ;) me in the right direction.
    Yes, that's it! If you do this fix you get your truck back. I love my truck again!

    Captain Bones

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    I came here a few months back because I did a search for clunking in the steering colum and sent me here to this Thread. If I had to take it out to regrease it I was going to buy a new one and then I read skinner's post and said to myself, it's too easy to work. So I tried it like he said and guess worked, no more clunk which was driving me crazy.

    So my first post is to Thank skinner for showing us how to do it cheaper....cost me 10.07...a lot better than what I was willing to pay.

    Again Thanks skinner

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    just find your post. ive had my truck for two years and into the shop to have fix with no luck. i thought this was something i might just have to live with no way i could jump ship from the general. going to try your fix this weekend. thanks for the information and i hope it works.

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    This kind of thing is what makes this site great! Made it a sticky! I think we need a hall of fame or something like that for posts like this.
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    quick question should the steering shaft turn a little bit byhand or is the steering box loose internally.thanks for your help guys

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    what exactly does that thing do? like what are some issues from the steering shaft
    Nothin like a liftd truck goin muddn

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    Holy balls I love these forums. My '05 is on its 3rd I-shaft and out of warranty. I was driving back from dropping the wife at the airport and my rear speakers went out along with my front left fog light and that GODDAM RATTLE was about to send me over the edge. Its been one of those days and what a coincidence that I check the forums and the fix is up here. I owe someone beers.
    2005 Sierra 1500 Z71 Crew Cab
    Pro Comp 6" Lift
    4.56 Gears
    35" Toyo M/T's on 20" Eagle Alloys
    K&N Intake
    Flowmaster Exhaust
    SuperChips Programmer (worthless)

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