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    got to agree with most of you about part prices, at most of the yards in new england even up here in maine the big yards are outrageous. if you can find a small yard they are usually better as far as price goes, there sulection isnt as good tho. i can remember a place in mass. back in the 80's that used to charge $35 for entrance to the yard and all you could carry out was yours as long as you could carry it over a line 15 ft wide. got a windsheld four tires and a auto trany one day with a friend, we put them on a hood and cared them over the line. saw a couple of guys do the same with a v6 engine on a hand truck. but now days your lucky if they let you in the yard by yourself. you did get yourself a deal with those tho. not into much customizing these days my burbs are just daily runners, and tow vehicles.

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    Wow, that's some kind of deal. Well, these places do have a problem in that people are lawsuit happy. I can just imagine if some weekend warrior got hurt trying to pull an engine or drop a tranny. The yard would be shut down.

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    Default or hope that helps you out

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    That monkey at UNAP needs to get a belt. His pants are about to split.

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    I saw on the uneedapart website that there are several salvage yards for sale, including one in Dallas. Anyone want to go into business? Maybe make a Chevy / Suburban boneyard?

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    Whatever happened to some of these old Suburban members????

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    I don't know. Mike (MNBurbon), and I both had a habit of falling off the board for a while there. I thought sure he was going to be around for a while.
    Too bad.
    I wonder how he made out on his center console.

    I was wondering why you were reviving this old
    Rhode Island

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrailLeadr View Post
    I agree completely. Don't get me wrong, I don't want something for nothing (well.... that would be nice). But I remember a time, when I stopped at the boneyard for a steering wheel, and he only charged $20.00, but something tells me now, he'd charge me upwards of $50+. This is the same guy I always went to, whenever I needed a part.

    I attribute it to the typical New England attitude, although I'm sure it's the same everywhere. People up here buy a new car, drive it into the ground, 12 yrs later they want to sell it for about $4000.00 less than original sticker price. (yeah, that's a slight exageration, but you get the idea)
    Out here in Kaliforneea (How the Governator says it) junkyards went uptown and changed their name to automotive recyclers and their prices seemed to follow the name change. Any small part is $50 and prices quickly jump to $75 and beyond. The exception is the "you pick part places." They just don't offer any service. If you call they say 'yeah I got a couple of that year come take a look.'
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