1996 Chevy Silverado K1500 4WD, 5.0 WILL crank, but will not start. No fuel pump noise when key turned on. Now I recognize a quick diagnosis would be that the fuel pump is the culprit, but keep reading. When key is turned on, none of the normal starting lights come on (check engine light, airbag, and batt). With the key in the "on" position, none of the gauges seemed to be powered -- fuel quantity, oil, and batt voltage (only the gear indicator is illuminated (P)). Though when key is moved to ignition, engine cranks normally -- won't start though. Radio, fans, windows, all accessories also work. When key is moved, no clicking is heard from any of relays under hood. All fuses checked good.

There is a history of the common fuel pump problem (engine quits unexpectedly -- 3X in two years), but problem seems to resolve itself in a 24 hour period (in one case after a tow), so I really question whether it is the fuel pump. Seems to be more inline with the starting sequence logic, perhaps VCM/PCM/ECM? Any help would be greatly appreciated