Quick question.I have a coolant leak. I've found coolant just behind the motor pooled on top of the bellhousing.
Where does the intake manifold gasket leak-and does it pool up there?
I can't actually see back there of course, but I felt touched the fluid-it is coolant.It drips all the way down the edge of the bellhousing.At first I thought it was trans fluid- it isn't

I lost about 2 quarts of coolant per 500-1000 miles or so. It is the light red orange thin coolant- not the darker red really stinkier trans fluid.Even new trans fluid has a nasty sort of odor to me.Coolant-DEXCOOL has a smell, but it isn't bad.

PS 1998 Suburban 1500 2wd 209,700 miles-runs great-few leaks-gets great hy mpg(21 mpg on 3000 mile trips) .I want to keep it,since it is a winner-When finances permit,I would love to get a 2004, but not now.This vehicle seems to get better than average FE, and it is a spectacular long trip vehicle.We(2 adults and a greyhound) sleep at rest stops on long trips, so the Suburban is great.A double mattress fits in the back,so it is like sleeping on a bed at home-no motel bill either.Did I mention we are broke/debt etc. It is a great do everything vehicle-even with $8 gas I would keep it, or another Suburban.We have a very fuel efficient vehicle for most city driving.We also need big because of evacuations- 1or 2 biggish dogs, 4-5 cats + 3 adult humans.Plus a friends 56 lb beagle frequently stays with us-yes, he-Deuce- is very fat.He would have to come along on an evac. We need a big box on wheels. I don't care for Excursions-the other big , long vehicle - I'm not against vans, but the Suburban is easier to work on.