My brake lights were not working, hazards and everything else were fine. I finally traced it back to the brake light switch, which I replaced. Shortly thereafter they stopped working again. After playing around with it for a while I realized that the switch is fine, but the pedal doesn't .... push the contact enough. If I manually press the switch contact the lights work. I have tried wedging a few different things between the part of the pedal that the switch goes on and the contact and that worked but I couldn't keep it in place. I'm curious if anyone has experienced this problem.

Also when I got the truck the switch had been replaced or messed with and the retainer is missing. Does anyone know what i is supposed to be? E clip ? Snap ring? Cotter pin? And if so what size?

While I'm at it are there supposed to be any bushings or sleeves on the pedal?

Sorry if this makes no sense, trying to explain as best I can.