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    Default Halos good or bad?

    [ame=" 88NB8WXKR7M"] 03-06 Chevy Silverado Halo Projector Headlight with bumper lights combo Black: Automotive[/ame]

    Does anybody know anything about these headlights? They apparently meet or exceed OE performance but on other threads I have heard nothing but nightmare stories about Halo projector headlights. Also if I get these does anybody know if they're compatible with HID lights?


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    I can't speak for these projector lights exactly but I will tell you that I have installed two sets of projector lights an I liked both. One was a sealed beam replacement and the other set is installed on our mustang. It beat the heck out of the faded factory lights that were on when the bar was bought. Some people like them, others don't.

    One thing that comes up often with these types of lights is that they get condensation. Well, that can be warded off by sealing them all over again once you get them. ATV silicon (ATV, I think, right..?..) can be put along the seam of the lens / housing for added insurance on the seal.

    I'm sure you'll hear a few opinions here. Good luck with however you go.

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    I have the exact same headlights but in chrome on my truck right now, I didn't see what company makes the one's you have but there pretty much all the same. Mine have stamped right into the back of them, "Not compatible with HID lighting" Now I have seen a ton of threads with people putting them in and having success, but there is one common problem I have heard people talk about. The size of the HID ballast is too long for the actual projector, there is a cut off plate inside the projector housing itself. If the HID ballast seats past that plate you will have a really irregular beam, there will be no cut-off for the HID's and basically it will look like s^#* I have seen guys pull the ballast back just a touch to stay behind the restrictor plate, but then the rubber boot on the back of the headlight will not seat properly and you will accumulate moisture quickly. This is all from what I have read, I personally have no experience with HID lighting and I don't want to either.

    I do know this, the stock H1 bulbs that you will get with the headlights are horrible. They are 10 times worse then stock bulbs, you will need some kind of upgrade bulb to make them practical for night time driving. I used two sets of PIAA extreme white plus bulbs in mine, and they are just as bright as some HID's I have seen. The argument I get all the time is, I payed $120 for my bulbs which are still halogen when these guys buy HID kits for $50 on Ebay. I won't argue that point but you get what you pay for, other than that the halo's and LED's are a simple 2 wire hook up. Wire them however you want, parking lights, headlights, seperate switch. They are basically for looks in my opinion, otherwise you are going to dump a ton of money in them to upgrade them into what you wanted or expected...............AMY
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    Thank you that helps a lot. I will look into the halo lights and getting some halogens also. Thanks again.


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