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Thread: Broken Wheel

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    Default Broken Wheel

    So I was on my way home from the store. Just cruisin at about 55 in a 50. All the sudden there are about 2 dozen large bolders in the road. I had no time to react. I made contact with one of them and it tacoed the inner bead or lip of my dip d21 20" wheel and it also caused a 6" long crack along the center of my wheel. Oh and my tire didnt get off scott free either. The darn tire near ripped apart in 3 spots. Ill post some pics of the wheel later. Oh and dont worry, I have already replaced the wheel and tire.

    On a side note, there hasnt been any real progress with the truck or my goal of enhancing it with a Whipple. I have been too consumed trying to get my Impulse together for the mid July meet in Colorado. In the end I should have a 350-400hp 2200lbs awd rocket, so It might be a little bit before I get to supercharging the beast.

    04 Chevy Silverado- lowered on 20s (saving for a whipple)
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    I hope you wqent oafter the county or city you were in at the time of the incident, I know of a few buddies that were into imports and they hit pot holes and large rocks busted some rims and body kits and the city paid for it
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    Im in the process of going through all the BS that the county is putting me through. They are trying to say since the area was flat and the rock couldnt have naturally occured there then it was an act of vandalism or some bs. Oh and theyre trying to pull crap about my truck being lowered. Since I have the 3/6 drop and aftermarket wheels. But it was only 600 to replace the wheel and tire. No other damage was caused to my truck so. Stuff happens, you just have to take it sometimes. Not with out a fight though.

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    Oh man that's sucks, well at least you didn't lose control of the vehicle. When we go gambling to in West Virginia, they have nets on the side of roads to make sure those huge rocks don't end up on the road. Well that $600 you lost for that probably came out of your supercharger money too, I used to have a supercharger fund but I kept buying other stuff so I just gave up. I am going to wait until I blow the motor or something serious, and then I am going to just get the whole crate motor and be done with it. Goodluck with your truck, and they probably will pay you but it will take a while.
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