Ok, so I'm sitting on the porch, rocking the day away, dogs at my sides enjoying the sun. From a short distance I hear a truck coming down the road. I pull down my sunglasses to see a little clearer and, wouldn't you know it, here comes a UPS truck.

The truck slows down a little in front of the house, stops, and begins to back up into my drive.

So the dogs look up, I get up and go to meet my trusty UPS driver.

"Well, it seems you have two boxes today. Pretty heavy, too."

Well, he opens the back doors and we slip the long, heavy boxes into the shop and after our salutations he leaves.

I lose all composure.


I begin to sing and dance.

Echo, the Great Dane, has never seen my happy dance. She is puzzled by my jumping around and singing. Moose, the boxer/mastiff mix has seen it before and just steers clear.

Unfortunately my singing and dancing get the best of me and, with all the jubilation within me...