Okay folks, I've been working on my 97 GMC K1500 1/4 4WD suburban for a while now and I've battled my way through bad plugs, bad batteries, new starter, retapping a JB welded hole for the radiator line coming out the top of my intake manifold, replacing the alternator, replacing u-joint, and lastly replacing the seal on the rear power transfer shaft. All of this since about...oh January.

I love my 'burb and I refuse to give up on it, nor do I want to take it in, but this one's got me stumped. Had to replace the battery last November, and then it starts going dead on me a month or so ago. I took it in, had it tested, it checks out 100%, but I'm still dropping below cranking amps overnight. so I start tracing the dang thing down. At first thought it was my radio, then the CD player (they're separate on my model) so I had them both disconnected and I'm still getting a draw. Every time I reconnect my neg cable I can hear a faint buzz then a click like a relay. This afternoon I was able to chase it down to where I think it is. Under the dash, to the right of the steering column is a small metal box with a plug on the bottom of it and what looks like a relay on the side. I don't know what its called, what it does, or how to get it out of there, but it sounds like that's where it's coming from. I'll try getting a pic of it tomorrow in better light and puttin it up here.

Does anyone have any idea what this is, what it does, and how to get it out? I have the owner's manual, a haynes manual, and you guys, and so far the first two haven't been much help to me on this one. Hoping someone out there does know. Thanks!