was looking through some truckin magazine......did anyone know that they now make the older style chevy ralley wheels in plus sizes now? now you can get them in 17"-20". i was really intrigued by them. now i cant decide if i wanna just stick to getting my factory oem alloys in chrome or go with the old school ralley wheels in a 20". (for anyone that knows anything about classic or muscle cars, you know how this wheel look) not trying to be a prick or anything...just dont want anyone to take that sentence the wrong way. i called the company the other day to see if they make them in a 6 lug, and they do :D and at $2500.00 a set, thats not really too shabby. what does everyone think of this wheel, and do you think it can be pulled off as in flowing with the lines of the suburban.any input would be great. thanks