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    I called the company that does the video for the city, they would not allow me to download the video so I can play it frame by frame in a video tool, that way I could tell exactly how long the light was yellow for. That's really bad if you ask me, I can't defend myself properly if I don't have access to the source files.

    The company that runs these red light cameras:
    American Traffic Solutions
    14861 N Scottsdale Rd., Suite 109
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254 USA

    Their website is, which name I find to be very offensive ... it's an indication that they presume guilt and you have to prove that you're innocent ... but whatever. They're using a tool called Axsis VPS (Violation Processing System), I find the whole thing to be very big-brotherish.

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    This is really disturbing actually. The company's website actually talks about how cities and municipalities can make cash and how they will help advance them money ... so much for the argument that it's not all about making money for the city.

    Public Finance
    Revenue Advancing™, an innovative program offered by the Public Finance Solutions Department of ATS, provides a way for communities to convert their past-due receivables into cash, services or equipment before the receivables are collected. The cash then can be added to the general fund or converted into additional direct services by the municipality, including red-light or speed enforcement programs, parking meters or other equipment. From parking, court fees, fines, ordinance violations, judgments, photo enforcement and other public safety related collections, ATS Public Finance Solutions convert a community’s receivables into a cash advance while letting the municipality share in the upside of future collections.

    ATS also provides customized leasing and lease purchase programs for photo enforcement needs. The programs provide flexible service offerings tailored to a community’s needs at the lowest possible cost.
    For more information email (5/26/2009)

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    Yup, those things are horrible. Here in Charlotte (NC) they put up redlight cameras and speed cameras. I believe the fine was $50 if it got ya. It was supposed to be generating extra money for the city. Turns out after the adminstrating company collected all of their fees, Charlotte was getting about $2 per violation. They were removed after the 1 year contract was up. Thankfully

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    out here in az the cameras have taken over. our red light cameras are in almost every city and our freeways all have them running up and down the median and shoulder. 11mph over and they flash. there are some loop holes and interesting facts to these cameras though.
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    Middletown, Ohio has red light cameras. My wife tried pushing a yellow and got caught by a camera. The ticket and picture were mailed to me. Both of our vehicles are registered in my name so I got the ticket, 100 bucks!

    Yesterday I was in a left turn lane about 3 cars back and the light turned red. The 2 cars in front of me had their picture taken while they were clearing the intersection. They both were beyond the line waiting to turn left way before the light was red or even yellow. I'd be pissed if got a ticket clearing an interesection!
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    yep the red light cams and speed cams are obnoxious, we have a few in our city in louisiana...but it seems that they are taken over like in az because they are installing them at more and more intersections everyday...They are a complete eye sore first off...2nd when your nearing an intersection that has a stop/speed camera you get all paranoid about running the light or going to fast which can cause other accidents...not too long ago my cousin had his car stolen and the person who stole his car ran a speed camera and a picture of the crook and ticket was sent to his house, i think they had a hard time getting the speeding ticket removed too...idk its just a lame way to make extra cash, we also have speed vans in laffy...they just sit next to the road and catch ppl speeding...the gov is whack soon enough will have cameras in our homes

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    Next they can mail us all tickets for all those times we broke the law when there weren't any cops or cameras around.
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    yeah man, big brother, I hope they don't put cameras in homes, I think there are some laws that may affect me bedroom activitiesOf course they may give me the footage. nah...J/K I have my own cameras for that

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    they have those here in huntsville alabama but cant use em to catch speeders or red light runners.only for monitoring traffic flow during rush said before it was ruled that if youre getting a ticket there has to be an actual person with a ticket book to catch you doing it.
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    I remember them putting a whole bunch of cameras up in Tucson, AZ. I luckily never got a ticket but I know some people who did and they definitely had some yellow lights that would only seem to flash for a second or two and then turn red. I've almost been rear ended a couple times there because I wanted to make sure I stopped before the red. At least they don't give tickets for people sitting in the intersection waiting to turn though. I've done that many many times and never received a ticket for it.


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