hello im Ghost Hunter JJ, or just JJ. i hail from Dayton Ohio (Huber Heights to be more exact) .

i am about to finish up my 4 year enlistment with the Marine Corps, i served as an Infantry Rifleman with 3rd batallion 2nd marine division on 2 combat deployments. im not getting out because i hate the corps, i wanted to serve my country and fight in war.. i got just that. By Gods grace and protection i came home alive both times. i plan to take my knowledge and make it usefull else wheres.

now bout my Chevy. i own a 2005 Tahoe that i absolutly love!!! my previous car was a 95 mustang cobra... which died for good this month now i dont have to tow it home come next month when i get out of the corps. but thats enough bout me, later!!!