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    Default HELP changing boots on cv joints

    94 2500 4x4 i need to replace the boots on the axles, i have removed the tires, the shocks, and i removed all the bolts connecting the axle to the front diff. i have to buy a giant socket tomorrow to undo the big nut on the outside, now what, i ran out of light so i had to quit tonight, im buying the boots tomorrow how do i get them on, am i doing it right so far???? tHANKS GUYS AND GIRLS

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    I've never replaced or repaired a boot. Usually by the time you know you have a problem, all the grease is gone. The shafts are not that expensive, and you can get a lifetime warranty from places like Autozone. It's been a while, but I think you're going to have to pull a ball joint and/or the tie rod end to get the end of the axle through the wheel bearing. A Chilton or Haynes is a big help for this job.
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    Do your self a favor and undo the upper and lower ball joints. It will give u all the room you need. Once you have it out just cut the clamp for the boot on the axle and slide it out of your way. You will need a pair of snap ring pliers or the equivilant to remove the retaining ring. The retaininig ring is just to the inside of the joint assembly, then simply pull it apart. Reverse procedure for reassembly. Dont forget to put the boot back on before putting the joint back together.

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    awesome thanks guys,

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    If your boots need replacing I would suggest just doing the whole axle, if they got damaged and leaked any grease then this has surely effected the joint
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    yeah i know, and they have been broke for a long time, like 2 months, and i have gone through deep mud and water since then, but jeez they want 200 a piece at advanced auto parts, where would be cheaper????

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    They are less than a hundred apiece for my 97 at Autozone. The Advance price may include a core charge, which you get back when you return your old shaft. Or bring in the old one and you don't have to pay the core. Plus you can put them next to each other before you leave and make sure you have the right part.

    Not to be a drag, but you're dumping time and money down the drain replacing those boots.

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    well ill try auto zone, that200 bucks was after the 30 core charge they were 230 if i didnt bring in the old ones, yeah i figured replacing the boots was dumb, grrrrrrr i should just cut it all of and put a straight axle under it, how many super dutys is chevy gonna watch drive by before it goes DING hey a striaght axle is stronger than ifs, chevrolet needs to offer a "work truck" pretty much an HD with a straight axle, i know they still make them front ends for the bigger rigs, "HEY CHEVROLET, TAKE THE HINT!" LOL i know they would sell the hell out of them

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    For my 99 Suburban at Oreillys for a remanuctured and year warranty is 79.99

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