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    Default What's your fuel economy?

    Just curious what type of fuel economy people are getting here.

    Please list the year of your burbon, the type of engine and what you do with it.

    10 Chevy Traverse LT AWD
    02 Chevy Trailblazer LS (110K+ miles - loaded except for 4WD - WRECKED!)
    99 Chevy Cavalier LS (105K+ miles - commuter car)
    78 Chevy Suburban Silverado (454, 3/4 ton)
    62 GMC 3/4 ton Pickup (350 police interceptor)

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    1993 K2500 w/454 about 12mpg. I'm only using it to drive to/from work. (about 11miles roundtrip)
    I won't take it on the highway anymore with these gas prices, but it was doing about 14-16mpg highway.

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    That's about what I have found myself. About 12 MPG. Towing is less, sometimes as little as 8 or 9!

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    I just picked up my "new" (ebay) suburban. From 250 miles away. 2500, 5.7 auto (4L80E). Got better than 16 Mpg.
    I'm impressed. That was driving 70 mph. Now I'll have to see how it tows my 26 ft enclosed race car trailer?

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    86 with 350 carb. 2 wheel drive auto overdrive around town 10 or 12 mpg. Highway around 18 but I could be wrong it's been a while and my memory is shot :roll:

    94 5.7 L, I hate the new engine designations. TBI, auto overdrive 4 wheel drive. 14 around town, but I really have never checked it, now with the stock tailer behind it you can figure on half that.
    On the highway keeping it under the speed limits, and we never do that. Around 20 but we have never really checked it.
    I feel if you need to check it you shouldn't be driving the Burb. The truck is made to work with and as such the mileage is just secondary to having the power to do the job.

    Technology is great, when it Works,
    And one Big Pain in the Ass When it Doesn’t.
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    94 GMC Burban, 5.7L (350), 4X4, Auto
    86 GMC Burban, 350, 2 WD, Auto
    79 GMC pickup plow truck, 400, Full time 4X4, Auto
    86 Pontiac Fiero SE, 2.8L, Auto, only mid engine American car
    See a Pattern yet?

    15 year GM assembly line worker.

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    Wow, 16 MPG is pretty impressive for the 5.7 in a suburban.

    Let me just tell you that the 7.4L 454 doesn't quite get that.

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    I have a '78 'Burb 4wd with the 350/th350 and 3.42 gears that gets about 9mpg. I also just bought an '01 'Burb 4wd with the 5.3/ 4l60E combo that gets about 12. Has anyone used a throttle body spacer or an intake tube with the 5.3, if so have you noticed any difference in power or fuel economy?

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    Hey, another '78 owner! Welcome aboard!

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    I also have a '76 truck that is just used for plowing, an '83 shortbed, stepside that is in show condition and a '95 full size truck for a daily driver.

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    I usually get somewhere in the mid-teens when I'm just tooling around town.
    John ~ New Mexico ~ It's all about the bowtie!
    2007 GMC Envoy & 2010 GMC Sierra

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