okay heres the story..last friday afternoon i went up a trail with quite a bit of rocks and washouts from all the rain weve had over the years.just wasting time til we go camping later that night.made it to the top of the mountain, had a beer, picked up some firewood, and went through some mud.after about an hour we head back down.some where along the way down i picked up a SHARP rock in my rear pass. side tire..drove to walmart pulled the rock out and it poked a very tiny hole in it and filled it with 3 cans of fix-a-flat.didnt work.we were out in the parkin lot messin with it for and hour and a half when i decided just put the spare on and get it patched tomorrow.went camping for the night.next morning i take my tire to 3 different tire shops and each has their own excuse as to why they cant fix it.these tires have approx. 12000 miles on them and i really didnt wanna have to order another.the least i wanted them to do was pull the tire off the wheel and at least look to see what the real damage was..
the excuses i got were:
Walmart doesnt mess with tires that big....(the size is 285/75)..what the hell?
that holes too big
and last but not least, we cant fix it because you put fix-a-flat in it

however, each place was very quick to order me a brand new tire!(including walmart that "doesnt mess with tires that big")i constantly heard "we can order that and have it for ya monday"

so after driving all over town with a horrible hangover i bought a plug kit for 5 bucks, used one plug, filled it with 45psi and put it back on the truck..no leaking at all..