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    Default any help? p0449, p0455

    Hey sorry if this has already been posted and answered I'm a newbie. i have an 06 Silverado with the 5.3. my ses light came on, pulled the code and it was p0455. i thought it was the gas cap since it was a locking aftermarket one. replaced with the stock gm cap cleared the code and it came back on. after taking it the dealership they smoke tested it and said that my "vent valve soleniod" was bad and needed to be replaced. That bill would cost me $300 when all said and done. I'm not gonna pay that and have automative knowledge. Since then i have cleared the code and now it comes up with the p0455 (evap emissions leak detected large) and p0449 (evap emissions vent valve/solenoid malfuntion). I think i know where it is located at but not exactly sure so any help? Also i have read that a cheaper part (a few have said one from a cavalier) would work. Any ideas? Also any valid part numbers? Many thanks in advance for the help.
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    I am very surprised this repair is not covered under the Federal Emmissions Warranty. How many miles do you have on this truck?

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    Jimmiee thanks for looking at this posting. My truck like i said is an 06 and it has 56300 miles on it. Should this be covered under that warranty?

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    Attachment 2864

    Here's a PDF showing the location of all your solenoids.
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    sweet thank you. so is that common for this vent valve solenoid to go bad? is the dealer the only place to get this part at? The dealer wants like $160 for this part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas23 View Post
    sweet thank you. so is that common for this vent valve solenoid to go bad? is the dealer the only place to get this part at? The dealer wants like $160 for this part.
    You can buy the part at Auto Zone or any number of places. My Canister EVAP vent solenoid was replaced under warranty at 53660 miles on my 04.

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    Just called the Chevy dealer and they say that the only thing now covered is my catalytic converter. Also i have called the auto parts stores and they all say they dont have it. so if you have a part number that would be awesome. also have you heard that a vent valve solenoid for say a cavalier will work instead of one for the silverado cuz its cheaper?

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    Cool any help p0449, p0455

    Last month I had same code 0455 on my 05 Z-71 5.3 . GM redesined that sol. valve and its completely differant than the one you have. I did the same as you, first replaced the gas cap and it still threw the same codes. You can replace the valve yourself. It comes as a kit, but you will need seven feet of 5/8 rubber fuel line hose to install. You must use the fuel line hose because of gas fumes. You need the long hose to run the vent up to to dry area of frame. Make sure the vent holes are pointing down so no water pours in vent. Im code free now.

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    so this is a part that i have to get from the dealer then?

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    Cool any help p0449, p0455

    I could only find it at the dealer, and it was about $150.00. My truck has 71,000 miles on it.

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