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    Quote Originally Posted by Browntowns20s View Post
    ok heres me venting a little so relax, but why does everyone all of a sudden Hate Chrome? you pay thousands of dollars more for your brand new ltz pickup at the lot because its got leather seats and chrome trim then you go and F*** up your new truck with some cheapo duplicolor and a scotch brite over all your chrome accessories. if you dont want chrome buy a work truck. they are so pimp they come all blacked out from the factory!!! Whats next ripping out leather seats for cloth bench seats and getting rid of alloy rims for steel wheels with hudcaps. just because everyone had chrome doesnt mean your different doing everything "murdered out" ITS A FAD....and in a year and a half when everyone is doing lime green and pink because its cool your gonna be pissed your truck is all black..... ok i feel better now

    with your truck i would go clean and classy, black window tint, white door handle buckets with chrome handles nice dual exhaust, some nice Chrome rims. and just subtle luxury. but hey follow the crowd and go "murdered' or stick with the timeless look of class its up to you
    I couldn't have said it better myself! I remember back in the early 90's when you would go to a truck show, and EVERYBODY was running 6" lifts with 35" tires. That was the thing back then and everybody had it, but now if you go into a truck show and they see your truck with that combo. People will walk by and say, "Oh it just has a 6" lift!" Fads are so contagious in trucks, especially the blacked out theme. I have always stayed with the shiny stuff on all of my trucks, and I will always be that way why take a $50,000 truck and ruin it because some one else did it that way. Go with what you want AJ

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    CHROME and white is where you wanty to go with it i got everyone telling me back home home go with the white and black look but ever truck i see got the black rims black light covers...ect. so i went with the whole chrome look it make the truck look like you got money. be different come up with something no one else got i would also like to see the white and gold done.

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    angel headlights(ones with no orange)
    stock red tails
    window tint
    paint plastics white (color match it)
    chrome rims

    2004 4.8| Custom Paint| Tint| De-badged| Shaved Tailgate| Rollpan| Smoked Tails| Color Matched| Lowered 5/8| Suede Interior| Color Matched Interior| Indash & TVs| Mids-Lows & 2 12" CVRs| 500 & 1100 Interfires| Soundeadener| Outlaw CAI| Magnaflow|
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    i do like the chrome look.thats the way i had my dodge until it was stolen and about being pissed off..but i think im going with a different look on the chevy.i have a white 04 4x4.i know some of you dont like it and may very well be just a fad but i had plans to do this with my jimmy years ago but other plans came gonna re-paint the truck flat black, black heavy duty winch bumper w/winch and lights, black rollbars w/as many lights as i can fit on it, solid black wheels, black rear tube bumber, smoke headlights and tailights, and 2.5% window well as lift/tires.possibly even some rocker pods.goin for heavy duty/military kinda look to it..but those are my plans for my white is great dont get me wrong but im goin a different direction on this one
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    ok this might be long so bare with me. if its not long thats just because i forgot what to write. but ill answer your question first about what you should do. ill tell you what i have seen. my buddy has a white 04 ex cab 4x4 and did the color match like a few peopl were talking about. do not color match the chrome. just the black plastice on your bumpers and your mirrors also. 5% window tint looks really good and your corners. we color match the orange corners with white vynl placed just over the corner of the lenses. looks really good with the rear tail lights painted professionally white that still allow light to go through. or you can just do away with the tail lights and fill them in and paint them and do a custome tail light hidden in between your tailgate and bumper. and for your third brake light either get it painted white to still allow light through or clear lense or just get rid of rims with your choise of tires. ive also seen rims where they are chrome with little black inserts just to through off the chrome a little bit do that with small white inserts. and to talk about how everyone is talking about fads. im not taking what you said to heart at all but theres nothing wrong with black. black is still aftermarket and just because its black and not chrome doesnt mean your truck wont look like you dont have any money. for my truck right now i have 2 sets of everything on your truck you can do black and chrome. bc i started off with chrome. and then everyone around where im from started doing all chrome so i went to black. and i went from black to chrome 4 times. i find that i like black on my color truck better. so does it look like i have no money? its all in your preference you choose what you like the most. but my biddies truck had half the stuff on it i told you and it looked really i mean really good. id send you some pics of it but im overseas right now and cant get them for you. i hope anything i said helps you out.
    Lawrence Lee,United States Navy, Engineering.
    2008 Silverado CC. Z71 4x4. leveling kit on with exhaust hopefully putting on soon

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    i like some ideas that u guys have. there is no way im going with the gold through eww. when i lift my truck i want the cross members to be painted white as well. i love the colors black and white. black is mean and white is clean. most of time you hear someone say "that is a badass truck" it probably is blacked out. dont get me wrong there are alot of bad ass trucks out there that are not black. but then when it comes to white, you will hear "that truck is NICE." idk for me i like emphasis on NICE.
    2007 GMC Sierra SLE CC, fabtech, 20x10 ultra predators, toyo mts

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    ive got a white Z71 and tons of chrome/ polished aluminum love every bit of it seen a few of the white trucks with the so called black out and its not all that great would look better if your base coat was different maby like the caddy pearl white then the black would fit nicer

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    Quote Originally Posted by grimreapersshadow View Post
    ive got a white Z71 and tons of chrome/ polished aluminum love every bit of it seen a few of the white trucks with the so called black out and its not all that great would look better if your base coat was different maby like the caddy pearl white then the black would fit nicer
    My truck is caddy pearl white. Think going with some black would look good?

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    Clear everything, the headlights, the taillights get chrome LED ones, CHROME! Everywhere.
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    sfilipe yeah if you keep it to a minimum and not over do it pearl black would look good

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